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AnswerMe is a wiki convention used to indicate pages with unanswered questions. You can easily get a list of these pages by clicking on the 'What links here' link on the left of this page. Once you've answered a question by editing the page it's assumed you will remove the AnswerMe tag.

The purpose of a wiki like this is being a resource. A place where people go to get answers.

It is not the right place to ask technical questions, or to have discussions about how to use the information that's being presented. That's what the official forums are for.

There is one situation though where it is ok to post an occasional technical question (but it should really be the exception):

You are writing an article for this wiki, you have researched the topic you are writing about, and have presented a lot of information. But there is one minor issue that you just haven't been able to figure out so far. In that case it would be ok to post the article as is and leave that one question open.

In order for other people to know that there is an open question in an article you would put a link on your page that points to the AnswerMe section (via an [[AnswerMe]] tag).

People who visit the AnswerMe page and click on the 'What links here' option (in the 'toolbox' on the left), will then get a list of pages that have questions open, and might answer them.

In general though, it is preferred that you only post about things that you know. If you are writing about a subject, and there are issues you're not sure about, just leave it out.
A wiki is a dynamic, constant 'work in progress'. Other people who read the page will most likely complete the information over time.