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Help BI keep track of the bugs by confirming. Try to keep on this page a comprehensive list of bug reports from the community. This list should contain only actual bugs disrupting gameplay immersion and experience; please refrain from reporting what you feel to be missing features outside the Wishlist section below.

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Current ArmA version is: [1.01.5094]

Current Dedicated server version is: [1.01.5099]

You can find information about the 1.01.5094 patch here (dead link)

You should only post bugs about the current public version

How to report

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To submit bugs in a method that is actually usable for BI use something like the examples below; if you need to provide a great deal of detail then include a link to your forum post.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Grass clumps floating in midair @ GI56, noticeable when going prone only [1.01.5094] - ~~~~
  • 90% of the time when getting out of a boat the player is placed under the ground. [1.01.5094].check image - ~~~~

Reproduction missions can be very helpful for complex problems, when possible provide a link to the mission containing only the necessary items to illustrate the bug report.


  • When in Vehicles and buildings, the HDR simulates a very bright atmosphere. [1.01.5094] --Serclaes 21:24, 2 December 2006 (CET)
  • When in mission, the map does not have an active area to scroll up by the cursor. Cursoring to the left, right, and bottom of the map allows scrolling, but not the top. [1.01.5094] --Scrub 7:15, 3 December 2006 (EST)
  • When in deactivating the map in mission, there is a loading screen for 5 - 10 seconds. Deactivating the map should happen instantaneously, as it did in OFP. [1.01.5094]
  • Sometimes when getting out of a boat the player is placed under the ground. [1.01.5094].check image --Johnnie walkerz 02:57, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • In Gear Interface, it is sometime impossible to pick up any thing. Select it (become green) drag it, or click on the 'take' button, nothing happens.[1.01.5094]
  • Sometimes the BMP-2's Anti-Tank missile won't hit its target when fired from the internal gunner view. The missile will fly straight for some time, but then suddenly turn down and hit the ground. This doesn't happen when the missile is fired from the external gunner view (after pressing Enter on the NumPad). I was able to reproduce this behavior in single player mode when I fired a missile at another tank, which was on another island, but only some hundred meters away. Maybe the water is the reason. [1.01.5094] TomasRiker 17:54, 6 December 2006 (CET)
  • SLA grenades explode when hurt delay! [1.01.5094]
  • When crouching and moving with speed modifier to move slowly (SHIFT key), player fatigues as if sprinting.[1.01.5094]
  • When you're on your map and you try to place a marker many times the cross disappears. Same happens quite a lot when you try and click on the map to move it. This makes quick navigation and exact marker placement quite hard. [1.01.5094] --SniperAndy
  • The icons on the map of empty vehicles (wrecks) and most objects show in the wrong direction (empty/objects/"xxx_object"). If the icon points north the object will point south --SniperAndy
  • When you die while watching the map, and then switchplayer to another player, your notepad will be gone
  • Many resources in the drop down box of the effects of a trigger are still pointing to Codemasters (eg CMdesign),causing an error (Picture cm1fit.paa not found).13:18, 10 December 2006 (CET)FreeBird
  • The weapon, sometimes, disapear from the soldier`s hands. I was playing a mission and after I load saved game there isn`t weapon in my hands although I could shoot still. Another bug that I found: I was playing as sniper and when switched for pistol the optics were still from the sniper rifle [WLOC], DECEMBER, 10TH, 2006
  • Shooting while moving with activated Ironsights impossible. Every shot forces a short stop [1.01.5094] burns 11:31, 12 December 2006 (CET)
  • Boats continue running running full speed if you switch position from driver to backseat or gunner while pressing the forward key [1.01.5094] --NeZz DK 01:30, 13 December 2006 (CET)
  • Addition to above post: When the "Boat@full speed Bug" appears, the Boat even keeps on running outside the water. You can "drive" over the whole Island --darKing 15:34, 13 December 2006
  • Sometimes (maybe always but I cannot tell for sure) if a medic out of your team has been told to help a soldier from another group/platoon you cannot order one of your OWN units to get help at this certain medic until he had helped the soldier from the other platoon. This may take a long time especially if the soldier from the other platoon has a far way to come (I hope I did that report thing right - sorry I've never edited an article before) [1.01.5094] --ManDay 18:21, 13 December 2006 (CET)
  • Placing an "Helicopter" class vehicle in the editor and removing all of its ammo results in gunner view being very odd. You can move your mouse to move the gun, but view will remain fixed in one direction, usually towards the front of the helicopter. It doesn't matter if helicopter is crewed or not from the start. [1.01.5094] --Sniperwolf572 22:54, 13 December 2006 (CET)
  • The 4x4 with M2 machinegun has a problem with cargo positions. You can get into car although there is no more space available if the car is occupied with 3 people, 2 in front, 1 gunner. When you get in as 4th person you end up with a weird sight, stuck somewhere between gunner and driver in the car. [1.01.5094] --Balschoiw 17:58, 15 December 2006 (CET)

AI issues

  • AT soldiers and grenadiers can be suicidal. [1.01.5094] --Zombie Mod
  • I wanted one of my AI to take an M136 launcher from an ammo crate positioned at the top of the hill. He couldn't do it, it was not shown on his action list. I know an M136 was in the crate. Only when I told the soldier to move to the crate and then select GEAR could I select the M136. When under fire you don't have time to hand hold troops. [1.01.5094] --Zombie Mod
  • When commanding a squad my troops won´t follow me across bridges. They stop at the beginning of the bridge and stumble around looking for a way over the river, and sometimes choose to swim instead. [1.01.5094]
  • AI soldiers can fall through sections of bridges. After this happens they are not injured, but if you order them to move they will reply "NEGATIVE". [1.01.5094] --Zombie Mod
  • AI often refuses to swim across a river when ordered to the other side via a "go to" command, but will do so nicely if asked from the other side to "fall into formation". But even then it often refuses to enter the water from steep banks. [1.00.5087]
  • AI drivers do not notice that a bridge is destroyed. They will drive at full speed over the destroyed bridge. [1.01.5094] -- [KSK-D]Arbaal
  • Sometimes there are delays of 15 seconds or more between issuing a command, and it being followed by AI. [1.00.5087] (EDIT from --Giova : in fact Arma (and also OFP) wait that a OGG file has finish to be read to send the order. Also with arma, is CPU becomes busy, order take many time to be issued.)
  • If I'm a commander of a tank and I give the order of attack an enemy tank, the gunner use the MG instead of cannon. [1.00.5087]
  • Sometimes if I switch from a unit to another unit, the previous unit remains blocked. [1.00.5087]
  • AI sometimes use AT weapon against infantry. [1.00.5087] --Messiah(UA)
  • AI tanks shoot down fast and high flying choppers. [1.00.5087]
  • While rapidly skipping through enemy units using TAB, the pilot tells the gunner every unit, which is very annoying. [1.00.5087]
  • Tanks often get stuck at steep inclines, and will move neither back nor forth. [1.00.5087]
  • If tanks are somewhat stuck, the AI commander will issue new move commands every second or so, which is extremely annoying if the player is manning the gunner position. [1.01.5094]
  • AI get out of vehicle (M1A1), if it is damaged, without my order as commander. Then AI refuses to get in repaired M1A1. They get in and get out immediately. (I think this is related to any vehicle, not only M1A1, like in OPF) [1.00.5087] --Messiah(UA)
  • An M1A1, placed behind a T72, will not attack it, even though it will attack lesser armor. More details (dead link) [1.01.5094] --Kronzky
  • AT Soldiers do "not fire" at targets from a direct fire position. They instead fire from any position causing the AT round to hit the ground in front of them. Also happens with AT vehicles [1.01.5094] -- chris3270 (UA)
  • AT Soldiers rapid fire at target in succession and continue firing at it even after it has been destroyed until all AT rounds are expended.[1.01.5094] -- chris3270 (UA)
  • When you have to destroy a convoy as soon as the BMP drives over the mine the other BMP and soldiers know *exactly* under which bush I hide.
  • AI character brain loss: if I change from squad leader to the driver of a HMMWV, I move the car and then switch back to squad leader, when I order the driver of the HMMWV to move nothing happens.
  • AI can climb ladders but can't quit ladders!
  • If you have moved from commanders seat to gunner or driver in armored vehicle and use team switch, AI won't let you change position anymore after switching back to the unit.
  • Unit-Control: AI won't get in vehicles often, just the same if it is been told by mouse (clicking on vehicle after unit is selected) or per radio menu. Sniping-Jack 10:15, 8 December 2006 (CET)
  • Enemy AI will "forget" attacker is shooting at them if they fail to hit same attacker with a few shots, they will then turn elsewhere and forget about that same attacker completely then get shot. [1.01.5094]----Delta 5-1
  • AI is able to sense (speak: see) enemy units through walls and follow each of their movements [1.01.5094] burns
  • COMBAT MODE [1.01.5094 GER] : Try this : Select AI, then 7-1 for stealth mode. Then 7-3 for AWARE mode. Order is never sent. Then 7-2 for DANGER mode (order is properly sent), then 7-3 for AWARE mode => order seems to be sent, but Stealth mode still has the focus in combat mode menu. Giova
  • Using Teamswitch, after I switch in between members, a couple of the members I noticed won't follow an order they just stand there, and wont move.
  • "2 - engage man .." AI leaders much too often send single team members directly towards enemy positons (=into death). Particularly they tend to choose support(!) units for this like MG or sniper soldiers who definitely should stay back for covering fire ! Here an example: image. Currently they only way to avoid such horribly AI behavior seems to put the whole group in CombatMode="GREEN" (hold fire) -- wiper
  • AI-Soldiers cannot be stopped firing (after giving command FIRE to a certain target) until you give them no target as target. Cease Fire, as it has worked before in OFP does not work anymore. [1.01.5094] --ManDay
  • Sometimes the AI team leaders are scanning for enemies with binoculars even in urban environment and are getting shot as a result from nearby enemies. Also, the death animation is happening quite some time after he has been actually shot. --buddhiraja73
  • Occasionally, AIs are not shooting visible enemies.
  • Sometimes the AIs are zigzagging in the same area without doing anything objective, even in situations when they are not being suppressed. --buddhiraja73
  • AI cannot use stairs to enter most of the elevated city areas on South Sahrani. And when they can, they can only move on the edges of the elevated city blocks. I think this is because, theres not enough building positions to cover entire elevated city block. Joebob

Audio issues

  • When you have 1 bullet left in your M16 and use Burst fire, you hear 3x firing sound (as if you had 3 bullets in your magazine) [1.01.5094] Universel 23:35, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • Tanks' track movement noise continues even after the movement has stopped/is too small to be noticed. [1.00.5087]
  • Issues with radio chat, when you give a lot of orders with different priorities in a short period of time. Delays for 10-15 seconds in issuing orders, the queue just gets stuck. Faced with this problem at Armored Fist SP mission. [1.00.5087]--Messiah(UA) 01:04, 1 December 2006 (CET)
  • There is a wrong usage of audio clips when issuing group members to move to a certain object. The sequence of audio clips will result in the command "unit move to object at at three o'clock". Please note the double use of the word "at".[1.00.5087]
  • Vehicles 5000m away sound 1m away at times. [1.01.5094] - even the gun reload sound of a BMP can be heared 3 km away (added 12. Dec. 2006 by wiper ) - Addition : Happens only with Hardware Acceleration "On" in the ArmA settings. It looks like only obstacle attenuation is calculated, not distance attenuation, in hardware mode. In software, distant objects are unheard. Test on Ambush solo mission, software mode OK, hardware mode you hear the West chopper perfectly. - Whisper 11:12, 13 December 2006 (CET)
  • Huge Water fall sound from boats at times. [1.01.5094]
  • First gun fire always sounds muted.(dulled) [1.01.5094]
  • No independent sound (causes TS or Ventrillo volume problems) [1.01.5094]
  • Sometimes the BMP sound gets really messed up and it gets a really high pitch [1.01.5094]
  • Tanks rolling downhill sounds really pitched up [1.01.5094]
  • In multiplayer bullets from AI can sometimes not be heard and you appear to randomly die. [1.01.5094]
  • If your gaming on a none dedicated server shots fired by teammates cannot be heard by other players. [1.01.5094]Speeder 20:45, 6 December 2006 (CET)
  • Turning off Hardware Acceleration makes the music really quiet. [1.01.5094] --Sniperwolf572 10:49, 8 December 2006 (CET)
  • There is no sound attached to the command "stay crouched" that you can issue to your team. All you hear is "All..." [1.01.5094] --SniperAndy
  • No sound for "Get In" command, so if you command your soldier number 2 to get in the HMMWV as driver, you will hear "Two, driver, that Humvee." [1.01.5094] --Sniperwolf572 12:24, 9 December 2006 (CET)
  • Helicopter Engine Sounds Incorrect (Blackhawk sounds like Huey), Also the sound of a helicopter engine does not change( ie: go up or down ) when power is either applied or reduced. It has a governor and is constant regardless to pitch change of blades. (1.01.5094) User: Lester Long
  • Sounds replay if they have not finished properly or have been interrupted.
Example: Put yourself in editor, detonate a Satchel Charge, during any part of detonation, pause the game, then unpause it. Detonation sound will replay, no matter at what point did you stop it, it will play again unless you have let it end.
--Sniperwolf572 18:43, 12 December 2006 (CET)
  • Totally trivial - the word "ATTACK" is high pitched! When the man says ATTACK THAT BMP.. it sounds like he's saying "ATTACK!!!! THAT BMP" - spot the difference? Zombie Mod
  • M2 Machine Guns have no reload sound.--Canalien 06:34, 15 December 2006 (CET)
  • M2 Machine Guns, both fixed and vehicle mounted sounds seem to eminate from in front of or behind the gun, so when you rotate it, the sound of firing will come from the left or right of you, as if you are moving around the gun. The sound should eminate from the gun itself and sound the same no matter which way it is pointing. --Canalien 06:34, 15 December 2006 (CET)

Collision issues

  • You can enter vehicles through walls [1.01.5094]
  • Garbage Containers end up halfway in the ground after explosions. [1.00.5087]
  • If you drive with a tank over a tent your tank will start bouncing/disappear in the ground and stand up almost vertical. [1.00.5087]
  • If you spawn on vehicles you cant move. [1.01.5094] --Serclaes 00:54, 3 December 2006 (CET)
  • Mk19 GL on HMMWV causes the vehicle to jump, so does the AG30 on the UAZ. [1.01.5094] --Serclaes 00:54, 3 December 2006 (CET)
  • If you board a helicopter while you were swimming, you will swim some time when you disembark on land, also you wont fall down when swimming. This could only be tested in MP. Vid01 1.6 MB vid02 12 MB DivX required for both - Sorry for the sound. [1.01.5094] --Serclaes 00:54, 3 December 2006 (CET)
  • Handguns show through thin walls when standing or prone, in 3rd person. Even worse, using iron sights allows the player to see through that wall. [1.01.5094] --Vic 10:50, 3 December 2006 (CET)
  • Bridges at FA76, GD57, GF58, HB49 and all three bridges in Delores cause vehicles to jump to various degrees when crossing.[1.01.5094]--Scrub 6:56, 3 December 2006 (CET)
  • When on the steel paths in the warehouse in the NW corner of GI56, you are not able to rotate due to the weapon collision. This also happens more or less in various other places on the island (automatic weapon lowering when facing walls might be a solution) [1.01.5094] --Vic 02:13, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • When you shot with the M136 on a BMP, the rocket is going through the BMP without causing any damage [1.01.5094] --Battlefox 01:38, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • Shooting with M136 on a truck causes no damage.It can even fly through.But when the rocket hits the ground 1M in front of the truck it goes up in flames.[1.01.5094]
  • FFAR's pass through some objects, and are unable to destroy them, e.g. Bridge located at co-ordinate HB50. Pwablo 17:09, 6th December 2006 (GMT)
  • It is very hard to enter the rooftop of the tallest type of apartment building and getting back down is impossible. The door seems to close and open halfway only. Tested in multiplayer only. [1.01.5094] EiZei 18:47, 6 December 2006 (CET)
  • Explosions cause damage, even if you're in cover behind a wall. [1.01.5094] - Serial Killer 20:33, 6 December 2006 (CET)
  • IF engine is ON, AI disembarking from UH-60 with FFARs (and the big fuel tanks) will get stuck between the big fuel tanks and the body of the chopper. IF chopper engine is OFF, AI will disembark properly (they will be able to pass through the fuel tanks like ghosts, but it is not a big deal). [1.01.5094] - Universel 10:28, 7 December 2006 (CET)
  • AI disembarking from vehicles (Stryker, UH-60, M113...) will intersect on the same ground spot. Example - [1.01.5094] - Universel 10:28, 7 December 2006 (CET)
  • Gb66:If we rise on the roof of the highest houses on the hill we cannot get down again
  • Corpses floating in mid air when shot close to slopes - image image2 [1.01.5094] burns 11:38, 12 December 2006 (CET)
  • Weapon sticks through soldiers body when in safe mode (double tap ctrl) and looking down, this also happens in safe mode + running see video [1.01.5094] burns 20:27, 13 December 2006 (CET)
  • AI units are not blocked by the edge barriers on roofs, and will walk right through them (e.g. Ramadi Be88). --Kronzky 04:19, 14 December 2006 (CET)
  • AI units walk through different obstacles like walls of the building etc. Best examples of this are the warehouses and elevated city areas on south Sahrani cities. Joebob 18:41, 14 December 2006 (CET)

Control issues

  • I seem to have issues with ordering tanks round in 3rd person mode. The "move" cursor moves the perspective always focuses on my tank, and doesn't let me select ground to move the other tanks to. Going to check if this is a config problem, but I dont think so and even if it was, I don't speak czech! [1.01.5094] --Zombie Mod
  • When I'm commander of a machine gun emplacement and I use up a magazine, I can't reload unless I dismount the gun then remount. [1.01.5094]
  • If I'm a commander of a BMP and I'm in 3rd person, I can't turn with mouse. But If I'm in first person, I can turn. [1.00.5087]
  • If I fire with burst or auto fire mode when i walk, the soldier stops. [1.00.5087]
  • There is a mouse lag, both movement and buttons. [1.00.5087]
  • No free look around to the sides as gunner on any HMMWV or UAZ. [1.01.5094] --Serclaes 00:54, 3 December 2006 (CET)
  • Not being able to lie down on steep slopes causes player to get stuck in a go-prone/stand-up loop if badly wounded. Get on a steep incline where you can't go prone and do a [self] setDammage 0.99 to get stuck in this infinite loop. [1.00.5087] --TeaCup - 4 December 2006
  • While wielding a pistol from a crouched position, tapping forward will cause your character to break into a full sprint for a second before abruptly switching back to the crouched position [1.00.5087]
  • You cannot reload while you're in the "Orders" menu (have at least one teammate selected)
  • Game cannot use/distinguish between multiple controllers eg. gamepad and joystick ~Jaffo - Game does not allow the use of a Nostromo USB device and a flight stick/game pad. No multi-controller support or selection option. [v1.01.5094] HitSqdhaXor 02:17, 11 December 2006 (CET)
  • The iron sights have an erratic behavior when turning quickly.
  • Steering ships not possible in freelook mode [1.01.5094] burns 11:04, 6 December 2006 (CET)
  • Small adjustments on joystick thrust-lever results in 100% thrust. The thrust-lever/slider should have more sensibility for more precision while flying. PhunkMaZ 13:12, 6th December 2006 (CET)
  • In addition to the thrust issue above, joystick thrust-lever movement seems to have a lag. Maybe similar to truck steering (which turns only at a certain max rate). This leads to delayed response. [1.01.5094] Dec 15, 2006. tuusita.
  • Flying helicopters with mouse and keyboard is little bit too hard to handle and not that easy like with sticks. ~GizmoX
  • Better control for the choppers, most to sensibility in the fly. RoundersDK 10. Dec 11:55
  • When starting Arma the keyboard does not work, I have to Alt-Tab out and then back in and then it works. Twisted
  • When you fly helicopter Left turn after a short while just becomes left bank.
  • Helicopter Pitch is very jerky. User: Lester Long
  • Using map is almost impossible since using it is fined with a return delay (due to resync of client?)causing accidents or death to your bot. Return to the same map access as in OFP --INNOCENT&CLUELESS 12:02, 13 December 2006 (CET)
  • Vehicle controlling (cars & trucks): steering wheel returns to center as SLOW as it turns left or right. This often leads to the vehicle turning too far one and when you compensate you often turn too again the other way. This occurs with both keyboard and joystick controls. Steering should center itself faster. [1.01.5094] Dec 15, 2006. tuusita.
  • ArmA doesn't seem to register all button presses from joysticks with dozens of buttons (for example HOTAS). Thus most buttons in controller will be unused. [1.01.5094] Dec 15, 2006. tuusita.

Mission issues

Please create reports only for official missions!

  • Training Missions

The list of missions sometimes gets confused and lists different missions as the same thing, or a certain mission will be listed with not title. Also in the rifle range training, you can start weapons tests multiple times at once by leaving and restarting while one test is running. This will result in several of the same option such as 'End Test' etc, being visible in your commands box. Canalien 05:04, 15 December 2006 (CET)

  • Campaign, Armored Fist
    • When killing all enemies at the second base this script error pops up twice, the reinforcements turn up which I have destroyed two times now and the mission will not end even after driving around and waiting for over 20 minutes to make sure all enemies are destroyed. Here's a pic of the error HERE [1.01.5094] AUS_Twisted

  • Campaign, Mission 1 (Transport)
    • The car that brings you to your first drop-off point (Corazol, GF58) doesn't always get to stop exactly at its waypoint (it might be blocked by the leading car). In that case you and your team have no way of exiting the car, and you will be stuck in there until it forwards to the next waypoint where it (and you) will go up in flames. [1.00.5087]

  • Campaign, Mission Hotel
    • The mission can be succesfully ended without killing the enemy officer. The arrival of the officer is triggered by moving to Fc64 or Fc65. When relocating to Fb63 via a wide detour north thorugh the mountains the extraction waypoint is triggered without killing the officer. The debriefing states I have succesfully assasinated the officer.[1.00.5087]

  • Campaign, Mission 2 (Dolores Bridge)
    • I can not end the mission Dolores Bridge succesfully, because I never get the "flash,flash,flash" code.I was waiting next to the bridge 20min without getting the code.And i also see a burning HMMWV falling from the sky.Let me guess its the HMMWV with the captain who should give the order.Many trucks BMPs and T72s cross the bridge and when i blow it up without the code the mission will never be a succes.(German patched version)

  • Campaign, Mission 4 (Battle of Somato)
    • Objective 3 is checked off, but next waypoint is not activated, as long as there is still an Opfor around. [1.00.5087]
    • There's no way to order an artillery-strike as stated in the objectives. The Walkie-Talkie doesn't show up in the map and you can't order it via the orders-menue. (German patched version)

  • Campaign, Mission X (CounterAttack) v1.01.5094
    • Once both shika are blowed, save the mission, leave the mission, then load the mission. A error script appear "count ((list GlobalEndArea) - ((list...

Error count : Type Number, Array, conf...." End mission will never be triggered, so we have to finish that mission, without using any save, or mission will never finish.

  • Stand-Alone Mission 2 (Sanitizing Operation)
    • If you kill the crew of the chopper that's supposed to extract you at the end, you will still finish the mission successfully, and will still unlock another mission. [1.00.5087]

  • Stand-Alone Mission 12 (Commander)
    • The trigger script for the second objective regularly crashes upon killing all OPFORs. Unfortunately I don't remember the error message. [1.00.5087]
(trigger "Berserk": "_x commandMove getPos player"" forEach Thislist)
See picture here [1.01.5094] burns 11:41, 12 December 2006 (CET)

  • Coop 01: Clean Sweep
    • Turns completely dark after a while although it´s a daylight mission. See example video here: click [1.00.5087] burns 15:21, 5 December 2006 (CET)

  • Stand-Alone Mission Convoy Ambush
    • While standing under the bridge the recon BMP standing on it is able to see me and shoot me through the bridge concrete.
    • I can equip the player with 3 satchel charges. But when the mission starts there is only one available. [1.01.5094]
  • It is possible to respawn at the enemy base in CTI Modus.
  • Great Battle
    • After successfully defending the base, you do not get a prompt to attack enemy base. Re-Arm truck does not replenish your Hellfire missiles. ( German version 1.01.5094)
  • In level 1 when the both hmvv's get blown to bits and a tank comes in, you need to pull back, and return to another hmvv.

If you follow a certain direction (right next to the buildings, (i did it by following element leader) your game would freeze, and then (after a few minutes) you will see that one building has changed into a undescribable form, and when facing this 'broken solid' your computer restarts and won't be able to get up again! 13:21, 12 December 2006 (CET)Entrapped

Island Issues

  • AIs, placed on the plaza area around Fd54 in Sahrani will not move from their position, neither via waypoints nor move commands Image. --Kronzky 03:52, 11 December 2006 (CET)
  • The stairwell that's used in lots of flat outside areas often gets your's or the AI's characters stuck. Especially if you approach it in a prone position. img1,img2 [1.00.5087]
  • The pallets with barrels on grid Fg73 (e.g. object 606022) are indestructible, either by tank or by RPG. Image[1.00.5087]
  • misplaced or missing building "door openers" (action menu), wiper 11 Dec 06, 18:02 (CET),
 LAND_DUM_MESTO2 : the opener is placed at the upper end of the stairway, image
 LAND_DUM_Istan3_pumpa : no opener (?), AI can move in though .
  • can't approach the house on Hc80-4850(house front of the street), it is seem invible wall!
  • Ladders in Church at Eg72 (Cayo) do not function. [1.01.5094] --NeZz DK 00:45, 13 December 2006 (CET)
  • In village of Rahmani, when you shoot the wood box they disappear quickly
  • Big houses in Fd57 are bugged...can't turn on the first floor
  • Electric center on Ge26: when you put 3 satchels, you have 4 explosions(1 more 100m to far)
  • Sahrani Oil field at EE46: Oil pump animation always freezes after 1 or 2 seconds. BTW pumps are indestructible - tried with satchel charges, FFAR, etc.[German ed. 1.01.5094] Komorowski 19:26, 10 December 2006 (CET)
  • Sahrani (Corazol) big Buildings doors (like it Image at GH56 Image) are very bugged. We can't go on the roof. see this video
  • in general: very hard (impossible) to leave roofs. While this is okay for para-jumps, it becomes odd when one entered the roof via a scaffold. The surrounding 30cm border-frame/wall makes it impossible to leave the roof and get back on the scaffold to climb down - Weasel75 17:27, 15 December 2006 (CET)

Multiplayer Issues

  • When in a mission on a host or dedicated server, the player and players are able to drive boats for an extended range on land. [1.01.5094] --HitSqdhaXor-- 12.09.2006
  • When in a mission on a host or dedicated server, and a laser designator is equipped; the model is invisible/unseen by player and other players. [1.01.5094] --HitSqdhaXor-- 12.09.2006
  • When in a mission on a host or dedicated server, players are able to run when severely injured if they equip a rocket launcher or laser designator. Not tested in singleplayer. [1.01.5094] --HitSqdhaXor-- 12.09.2006
  • In the MP game with the blackhawks, when I selected the crewchiefs slot and doorgunners slot, one click of the fire button completely emptied the minigun. all rounds were fired off, although after removing my finger from the fire button, the rounds were no longer deadly, and did not kill other players. I was a client under a non dedicated host. [1.00.5087]
  • If a playable character dies and its player disconnects, new players connecting to the server by JIP can still select the dead character and will start as seagull etc. Slots of dead & playable characters should be disabled. [1.00.5087] --TeRp 01:19, 6 December 2006 (CET)
  • Commander cannot issue a target command to his gunner and make the yellow icon appear that way. [1.01.5094]Speeder 20:45, 6 December 2006 (CET)
  • Connecting to ip,recieving mission file, Crash to Desktop. [1.01.5094]
  • Weapon reload of chopper in multiplayer doesn't work totally, if you reload with hellfire and they are emptied before - they cant be reloaded via a Ammo Truck. All other weapons can! [1.01.5094]
  • If you use a Heli in Multiplayer and do not move the Heli in any direction, for other Players the Heli warpes up and down until you move the position of the Heli again. You must at least start the engine of the Heli to experience this bug.
  • Sometimes AI shooting actions just won't be transmitted to clients, and only thing transmitted is bullets (you hear is hit sounds of bullets and they kill you properly). When this happens in multiplayer, it happens for all players in game and recoil, smoke or sound actions cannot be seen on AI. [1.01.5094] Feersum 23:34, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • Squad pictures (from XML) are not visible for clients. Only host can see that pictures. All clients have got "Can't load texture..." message. The problem is, that on client PC, game is trying to load picture from non existing local path - that path exists only on server PC. [1.01.5094] - Mr Groch 23:48, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • Having a hosts.txt file kills your performance in the MP browser, as soon as you remove the file, Your performance returns. [1.01.5094]hoz 06:10, 7 December 2006 (CET)
  • Extreme large port range needs to be opened (sometimes) on router in order to connect to a non-dedicated ArmA server (Czech 1.01 server, Various 1.01 clients) Str1ker 7 December 2006
  • Sometimes humans spawn in to humans already in the game. The new human than has complete control over the character of the original human player. F1yer 17:15, 8 December 2006 (CET)
  • Addition for above listed bug: It can also be that if a human spawns into an already playing human that one of the concerned humans has control of the "body" and the other has control of the weapon (reloading, fireing, aiming). [1.01.5094] PrivateRyan 13:53, 10 December 2006 (CET)
  • In multiplayer you often have to run around ammocrates before they decide to give you any ammo at all. []
  • In multiplayer when sitting next to pilot in blackhawk, sometimes you can't disembark the chopper at all. []
  • MP Respawn Type 2 and 3: SoldierWAT respawn with M136 as SecondaryWeapon and one Javelin- Rocket. Javelin Rocket can not load at M136. (SoldierEAT and SoldierGAT function correctly). SoldierGCommando respawn releases an error. "No entry bin\config.bin/CfgMagazines.30rnd_9x19_MP5SD30rnd_9x19_MP5SD". a comma between the 2 and 3 magazine is probably missing. one magazine is present. (SoldierWSaboteurPipe2 with the same Weapon function correctly)--Loki 15:17, 11 December 2006 (CET)
  • "Kick" and "Close" buttons overlapping in player info screen while logged in as admin. If you are logged in as admin and are trying to close this page with the close button sometimes the kick button is clicked instead. Screenshot of the problem can be seen here... -- Hudson 13:51, 14 December 2006

Dedicated Server Issues

  • When hosting a dedicated server [v1.01.5099] Beta and reporting to,, and the server is dropped from the GameSpy server list after a random time for no apparent reason. The said dropped server can still be reached and joined via Remote IP and also on the the LAN interface. It is beleived that something is halting the heartbeat UDP packets sent to the GameSpy master server(s). No Router, firewall, packet filtering hardware devices attached. This issue also appeared in previous dedicated server [v1.01.5094] on (2) other known dedicated servers. [Updated: 12.09.2006] --HitSqdhaXor
  • If the admin does a #reassign you can have several errors. Possible everybody loses connection. Or on slot selection all of a sudden a different mission is loaded without any admin action being taken. Also happened several times so far while loading a mission after #reassign. All players get booted back to the "lobby" but it is a different mission being displayed. Reminds me of "auto switch map" you would see in other games [1.01.5099] --SniperAndy

Performance issues

  • After Alt-Tabbing out of the game 2 or 3 of times, you will get a CTD. [1.00.5087]
  • Ingame,graphics can go into blocks for up to a whole mission before loading in. or random houses do it.
  • A critical bug when you play in Helicopter Gunner position with another player as pilot: Sometimes the Weapons keep firing even when gunner does not press the trigger. This bug is known already from old OFP!
  • Bushes and most (broad-leafed) trees are heavy on performance, grass sometimes too. A single bush can drop fps from 70 to 20 when standing right in front and zooming in (everything very low, except textures low, shadows off). The fps don't change when changing any setting except textures. Higher LODs are ok, if the foliage is further away performance gets better. Tested this on a 3200+ with 1GB Ram and a 6800GT, others have same problems with slightly better, nearly same or lower specs. Only one has not got this problem, he has a real high end system, but even with his 1950XTX one bush can suck 10 fps (on normal-high settings, but still runs ok as he has enough fps). [1.01.xxxx] Scruffy 00:29, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • Every objects' shadow in the ArmA gets ridiculous and extremely high-performance required. Not moving objects such as vehicles. Using X1600PRO. [1.00.5087]
  • Extreme weak performance (fps) in cities (Especially in City-Deathmatch [1.01.5094]
  • I hav a AMD 64 X2 +4400, 8800GTX, 4 GB ram and still i got a weak performance. my performance is 10-45 FPS. I got all on normal, the visibility is 2500 and the antialasing, anisotropic and shadows is disable, and given that i only get around 10-45 FPS. And in the cities is most lower, around 17-20 FPS. (German version 1.01.5094) RoundersDK Dec 10 12:05
  • Textures seem to load from HDD rather than Video Ram and system Ram. (German version 1.01.5094)
  • Latest ATI 6.11 Drivers cause warp factor graphics from gun dot at certain angles,making the graphics unseeable, [1.01.5094]
  • Using ATI graphics card x800pro with any of the latest top 5 driver release,switching from 1st person to 3rd causes 1fps in 3rd person, (have to alt tab,or change graphic settings, or hit map key to reload before it sorts it out.

Physics issues

  • If I place an empty car on water, it will float. [1.00.5087]
  • You can eject from very low altitude, parachute will deploy and you will land unharmed. Also weird collision occurs in this case. [1.00.5087]
  • Shop entrances placed on building walls collapse separately from the building. [1.00.5087]
  • Air to ground missiles are almost useless against moving targets. [1.00.5087]
  • Hellfire AGM-114 acquire but not fly directly to moving tank units, it seems like they try to aim in front of the unit and that way too far. [1.00.5094]
  • Satchel charges disappear when you disable them if your inventory is full. If inventory is not full, disabled satchels are taken back -> OK ; if inventory is full they vanish -> NOK. still present in [1.01.5094] Universel 23:35, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • Getting out of a boat puts you 50m up a hill. [1.01.5094]
  • Getting out of boat makes you sink into the ground for 10seconds. [1.01.5094]
  • Boats do big jumps on Piers. [1.01.5094]
  • AI in hotels or houses can shoot thru the floor below. [1.01.5094]
  • Bridges, Infantry can get stuck on edge. [1.01.5094]
  • Bridges, Vehicles do bunny hopping over them 1m at a time. [1.01.5094]
  • Bridges, S.Charges on the floor blows up at the top. [1.01.5094]
  • Rooftops with 1 foot high edge rims around them allow AI to fire through them when prone,but be invulnerable to fire. [1.01.5094]
  • Building Doors, going Prone makes problems. [1.01.5094]
  • Outdoor Toilet Doors when kneeling on toilet can kill you when Opening them again. [1.01.5094]
  • A chopper can crash to the ground without exploding when somebody is aboard. [1.01.5094] --Serclaes 00:54, 3 December 2006 (CET)
  • Jumping out of a helicopter in a height of 1 meter will cause death. [1.01.5094] --Serclaes 00:54, 3 December 2006 (CET)
  • 70 ton heavy tanks bounce like balls if I shot the gun.[1.01.5094]
  • Vehicles are fired into the sky when it hit an edge of a building.[1.01.5094]
  • If you throw a grenade, of any type, in an angle of around 35° to the ground, it will bounce and land 50 meters further. [1.01.5094] --Serclaes 23:43, 4 December 2006 (CET)
  • Tanks cannot lift from the ground when running of a cliff. It will instead accelerate to a fast speed. [1.01.5094]
  • You can drop a truck from 1000 meters and it will still be functional. [1.01.5094]
  • If you blow up a bridge with non running vehicles on them they will float in the air until something touches them or shots them. [1.01.5094]
  • If you drop a tank from a high altitude onto a bridge without having it collapsed. The tank will also go right trough. [1.01.5094]
  • Bridges, If an enemy vehicle is standing on it and you underneath of on the side, it is able to see you and shoot you through the concrete. [1.00.5087]
  • When using GBU 12 bombs with AV, there is no damage at all. Shockwave destroys plane, but no effect to sceneries. Not even smoke.[1.01.5094 German Vers] Crisis(not true, already leveled several towns using GBU´s / tested in MP and SP) burns 19:26, 8 December 2006 (CET)
  • US timed grenades bounce/roll on water surface see video here[1.01.5094] burns 15:44, 11 December 2006 (CET)
  • Swimming soldiers and floating bodies aren´t really affected by waves, they always keep the relative height to the ground see video[1.01.5094] burns 20:16, 11 December 2006 (CET)
  • Artillery shells disappear after a couple of seconds. This makes indirect fire useless as the shell is deleted before the impact when shooting on long range. This (indirectHit = 20;) is the line which needs to be changed to indirectHit = 100; or something likely. [1.01.5094] --Serclaes 19:16, 15 December 2006 (CET)

Realism issues

  • Tracers cannot be disabled. [1.00.5087]
  • The aiming of the M4 Carbine with iron sights is WAY off [1.00.5087]
  • The glass on the civilian bus is bullet proof (confirmed) [1.00.5087]
  • In 1st person view when turning and shooting a weapon the tracers appear in midair about 6-12" off the weapon to the inside of the turn. [1.00.5087]
  • Helicopter Joytick movement - nose up and nose down is not analog. It's digital, what makes it nearly impossible to aim on targets with FFAR rockets! This counts for any Joystick used. Exact movement with Joystick is not possible! The old OFP Joytick movement was way better (except realism of flight dynamics).
  • Destroyed Stryker wheels arent shown as destroyed. [1.01.5094] --Serclaes 00:54, 3 December 2006 (CET)
  • UAZ windows are bullet proof and HMMWV ones too but the damage texture of the HMMWV shows holes. [1.01.5094] --Serclaes 00:54, 3 December 2006 (CET)
  • The entry areas to vehicles arent very accurate. For example you cant board the MH-6 on both sides. [1.01.5094] --Serclaes 00:54, 3 December 2006 (CET)
  • The rudder of the MI17 is strange.One short pressing of the X or C causes the chopper to spin.Even when I steer with Fightstick.(German patched Version)
  • Firing M136 at UAZ at nearest distance will do no harm to me. [1.01.5094]
  • You can reload with binoculars active.
  • Missing bullet holes on *all* objects (e.g. vehicles, world, ...) [1.01.5094]
  • All burning vehicles (hulks) have the same trail of smoke. [1.01.5094]
  • M203 grenades explode if shot too close, they should get live only after a flight path of at least 30m [1.01.5094] burns 11:59, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • Sprinting diagonal doesn´t affect fatigue [1.01.5094] burns 15:15, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • Aiming down slopes when lying on the edge impossible due to fixed clipping error (no more weapons stuck into the ground) [1.01.5094] burns 15:31, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • No iron sight for M203 launcher [1.01.5094] burns 15:33, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • MG´s reload to fast [1.01.5094] burns 15:36, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • Weapons magically stick to dead units [1.01.5094] burns 15:38, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • Tank commander is able to fire commander MG while turned in - can be fixed by changing config entry in commander turret "inGunnerMayFire = 1;" to "inGunnerMayFire = 0;" [1.00.5087] --Big Dawg KS 00:27, 6 December 2006 (CET)
  • When forced to prone position due to wounds you can still pick your RPG as weapon. Shouldering the RPG will enable you to take up a crouched position again for an unlimited amount of time. It is then possible to move in this position with your RPG picked, instead of having to move in prone position. Haven't checked with West AT yet...[1.01.5094 German ed.]Komorowski 11:26, 7 December 2006 (CET)
  • For some reason flames from burning vehicles do not hurt the player.[1.01.5094 German ed.]Komorowski 11:26, 7 December 2006 (CET)
  • Cannot shoot through the windshield of a Humvee . It is, however, just too easy to shoot the pilot of an AH-6 helicopter using an M4!Komorowski 11:39, 7 December 2006 (CET)
  • when you shoot a AI (near 1 meter) with the M256 of M1A1, he doesn't died.
  • Tracers appear every shot. Tracers are usually only loaded every 3-5 rounds. Kaiserpanda 23:07, 7 December 2006 (CET)
  • With the pickup, Pickup2, Pickup3 it is possible to board with 3 and 4 people why it has only seats for 2. The other boarded people just disappear though they are in the vehicle. [1.01.5094] W0lle 02:18, 8 December 2006 (CET)
  • Front windows of Car (Blue), Car (Green), Car (Red), Car (White) and Hatchback gets broken way too late when shot at. Windows of the Pickup gets broken but driver and cargo are invulnerable. Pickup2 and 3 are ok though. W0lle 02:39, 8 December 2006 (CET)
  • Choppers: They still reduce speed when WP is reached instead of flying constant from one WP to the next. Sniping-Jack 10:15, 8 December 2006 (CET)
  • Choppers: Flightmodel is hard to control but not realistic even so Sniping-Jack 10:15, 8 December 2006 (CET)
  • Artillery: There is no recoil effect on the Artillery-Guns at all. Feels like shooting with blank ammunition. -- -TK- 16:45, 8 December 2006 (CET)
  • When adding ammo to the fuel station, its being replicated next to the building. (ie. When you add one magazine to the fuel station, two magazines end up next to the fuel station). Tested in MP with 1.01 German version F1yer 17:08, 8 December 2006 (CET) EDIT: Cant reproduce, needs confirmation. F1yer 16:59, 10 December 2006 (CET)
  • Compass is unreadable. Does not allow for mildot or degree readings at all --SniperAndy
  • When aiming down the sights of the RPG7, you only use the forward site, instead of both the forward and rear sites to line up a shot. This makes aiming quite hard, and gives the weapon a huge zoom compared to others - [1.01.5094] - Greg147 12:24, 10 December 2006 (CET)
  • MP5A5 has no recoil - Serial Killer 10:11, 10 December 2006 (CET)
  • Too big bullet shells from MP5A5 when it is being fired - Serial Killer 10:14, 10 December 2006 (CET)
  • Falling 2m causes bleeding. [1.01.5094]
  • Silenced weapon ammunitions, which should be subsonic, make supersonic cracks - Whisper 12:16, 14 December 2006 (CET)
  • AI gives you headshot from a tent, because of its X-Vision super eagle eyes Bug missing tent2.JPG Bug headshot from tent1.JPG [1.01.5094] --Boecko 02:55, 15 December 2006 (CET)
  • Firing to a tent with a tank makes the tent to be destroyed but leave the men inside this tent alive [1.01.5094] 15 December 2006
  • Hitting a tree with AT weapon don't hurt a men near this tree [1.01.5094] 15 December 2006

Visual issues

  • Several vehicles (M1A1, some M2 mounts and fixed weapons) lack a 'normal' view. The only available options are the optics view or 3rd person. Other vehicles have these views. Canalien 06:31, 15 December 2006 (CET)
  • White faces show up on several vehicles when destroyed (only on lower LOD models except for the UAZ's) and the (BRDM-2 ATGM) when destroyed shows up the rear tail lights. It's hard to take good pics as these problems are only on the lower LOD's. Here's the screenshot White Faces On Destroyed Vehicles [1.01.5094] AUS_Twisted
  • (M249) The firing animation for the ammo belt is moving from right to left into the magazine, it should be moving from left to right. [1.01.5094] AUS_Twisted
  • Sometime (often) objects becomes invisibles (soldiers, tanks, building). has been encounted by several players, here their grafic card and driver : ATI RADEON 9700 Pro (catalyst v6.9 and v6.11 ; Omega v3.8.291) ; nvdia 7950 GT 512Mo (driver v9.1.4.7). [1.01.5094 GER version] Giova
  • Maybe the same Problem as above: Vehicles (Tanks, Helicopters etc.) appear / disappear too suddenly in close range (relative). When approaching a Tank you can already hear it, it fires at you, but you can't see it. Two or three steps closer it suddenly plops right in front of you. Three steps back it disappears again. I think this effect gets stronger when a vehicle is covered partially. (e.g. behind a small hill) Then the Game "thinks" that the vehicle is fully covered, but it isn't. -- darKing [German V. 1.01.5094] 13. December 2006
  • When too many objects around (in towns for example). Polygons has a dot going far away (See this video). To fix it, press Alt+Tab to go on desktop, then return to the game. Seen with an ATI RADEON 9700 Pro; tested with drivers : (catalyst v6.9 and v6.11 ; Omega v3.8.291)[1.01.5094 GER version] Giova
  • No weapon model for the laser designator and Javelin launcher [1.01.5094]
  • It's not possible to see other soldiers if you look at them through the window of the Hotel building... [1.00.5087]
  • There is an error in animation of soldiers, when you have a pistol and you are crouched if you go forward the animation is wrong [1.00.5087]
  • The injury indicator is not being reset after getting healed [1.00.5087]
  • After using NVGs once and then taking them off in nighttime missions light emitted from street lamps (etc.) isn't visible anymore. [1.00.5087]
  • When a tank is hit by a RPG/AT4, there is no dust or other effects, just a fireball, which is too big for a rpg, and very unrealistically looking. [1.00.5087]
  • Dropped ammo becomes invisible after walking around for a while, but it can still be picked up. [1.01 version]
  • In external view, holster is always empty. We cannot see the handgun inside.
  • Grass: when prone,cannot see anything. AI prone see's perfectly. [1.01.5094]
  • Fog: on Full, player cannot see more than 50m,AI can still see you at 500m. [1.01.5094]
  • Units (infantry or choppers etc) visible,then disappear on the spot,then reappear again. (does it even more when you zoom in) [1.01.5094]
  • Dead pilot has a strange view click. [1.01.5094] --Serclaes 00:54, 3 December 2006 (CET)
  • 3rd person player model gets messed up at the neck if you point your weapon to the ground and use freeaim to look to sides. This seems to be due to the body and head being animated separately [1.01.5094] --Vic 10:52, 3 December 2006 (CET)
  • The sight of M136 is not usable for lead aiming. (moving targets) or beyond it (long range targets) U have to "guess" where to aim. Also missing the impact point shown as a texture for verification. [1.01.5094]
  • All Weapons with mounted Grenadelaucher => Left hand animation placed wrong in 1st and 3rd Person view! The Hand sticks between the rail and the Grenadelauncher. [1.01.5094] --TheVoodoo 00:30, 11 December 2006 (CET)
  • Mounted Guns Animation / Model => Hands do not stay on grips while aiming the mounted weapon up and down. [1.01.5094]
  • Seeing through walls: Being in 1st person view and standing directly (outside) at the corner of a house (watching the wall), makes you see through the wall and see the area behind the house [1.01.5094] Bionicman303 11:43, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • Animations for reloading weapons not thoroughly finished, no magazine change for MG´s at all [1.01.5094] burns 15:36, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • Electric Center is not textured when destroy.
  • The OpFor officer's skin selection is faulty. Only the top half of his head seems to change. Image -Lupus[WD] 17:10, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • The Iron sights are not precise. The bullet will hit way above the front pin of the iron sights for many weapons (M4 for example).
  • Cannot see out of view ports in Stryker gunner and BMP cargo interiors. Image [1.00.5087] --Big Dawg KS 23:46, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • Visual error when looking through windows in BRDM-2 AGTM. Image [1.00.5087] --Big Dawg KS 23:46, 5 December 2006 (CET)
  • the northern big bridges has a section that falls ridiculously fast when destroyed [1.01.5094]
  • "camera.sqs" bug: When time is slowed down (like 0.004) if you trigger the camera.sqs view while in scope view of a vehicle the vehicle no longer shows where it should be but instead follows the camera which shows the gunner view image -Lupus[WD] 19:29, 6 December 2006 (CET)
  • Even if ran out of mines, the engineers still have a mine attached on their backbag. [1.01.5094] - Serial Killer 20:57, 6 December 2006 (CET)
  • Custom made mission briefings display at an unreadable low-resolution when viewed in widescreen format [1.01.5094] Eddy 23:24, 6 December 2006 (CET)
  • Bad positioning of the first cargo proxy (co-pilot seat) on the MI-17 helicopters. See image - Lupus[WD] 14:44, 7 December 2006 (CET)
  • The first unit placed as cargo in the Mi17 or Mi17 (Rockets) takes place at the co-pilots seat and floats over the seat (actually happens with all choppers and cargo proxy in co pilots seat should be fixed realism wise. See image [1.01.5094] - W0lle 20:09, 7 December 2006 (CET)
  • with M1A1; when we fire (with M256) at the same place, there no explosion
  • The clocks on church towers in Corazol are rotating counter-clockwise
  • Wood stacks looking strange if destroyed Click [1.01.5094] burns 19:49, 8 December 2006 (CET)
  • Corpses (maybe also objects) disappear when walking up close and zooming in i see you i see you not [1.01.5094] burns 19:49, 8 December 2006 (CET)
  • Night sets in too abruptly. MP Clean Sweep mission revealed that bug just by chance. I have set up a small test mission to show it is occurrence. Play the mission and accelerate time, few minutes afterwards everything besides the sky goes black. Time at which this happens varies from month and day, so every day has the bug occurring at different time. Update: Reverse happens in the morning, set the time of the test mission provided to 05:30 and accelerate time.[1.01.5094] --Sniperwolf572 20:13, 8 December 2006 (CET)
  • The pick-up trucks may carry four passengers, including the driver, but you can only see two of them on board. - Serial Killer 11:37, 10 December 2006 (CET)
  • The Army 4x4 M2 truck may carry four passengers, including the driver and the gunner, but you can only see three of them on board. - Serial Killer 11:48, 10 December 2006 (CET)
  • When swimming, every time your head goes under water, you can see the wrecks of any sunken vehicles, and the wrecks will be on fire as if they were on land. - [1.01.5094] - Greg147 12:17, 10 December 2006 (CET)
  • Destroyed Kamov model has no rotors,and appears too quick.FreeBird 19:43, 10 December 2006 (CET)
  • Tankglitch M1A1! If you crawl below a tank and stand up, you're glitching into it! You can see through its hull but nobody outside can see you!
  • ATIx800 card (multiple drivers) Produces slight tears in the landscape from a distance. [1.01.5094]
  • ATIx800 card (multiple drivers) When flying planes the sky flashes a color blue with no detail [1.01.5094]
  • Helicopters become invisible when they fly over a hill ( clipping errror? ) ( eVga 7950gx2 driver v9.1.4.7 )
  • When standing in Fortress 2 and firing a weapon, the muzzle flash isn't show but where it should be the graphics for the fortress are briefly removed and you can see through the sandbags. Baker65 22:42, 12 December 2006 (CET) Baker65
  • first person view isn't influenced by shadow, however 3rd person view is. [1.01.5094] --Simba 13 December 2006

  • Barrels on artillery guns don´t always point into the right direction, hard to describe see video [1.01.5094] burns 20:29, 13 December 2006 (CET)
  • when standing at a corner buildings are gone Bug missing tent1.JPG Bug missing tent2.JPG [1.01.5094] --Boecko 02:55, 15 December 2006 (CET)
  • Standing next to littlebird located inside a hangar, you can see the area past the wall of the hangar when looking through the windshield. Hangar walls are invisible in this case. [1.01.5094] --Leopard2 05:55, 15 December 2006 (CET)

Editing & Scripting

  • Crew : instead of OFP, crew return an Array of all body present in the vehicle (even if they are alive or not) (v1.01.5094 GER) --Giova
  • setUnitPos : it simply doesn't works anymore (v1.01.5094 GER) --Giova
      • SetUnitPos "Up" does not prevent a AI unit from going phrone. He will do as he thinks it is right anyway [1.01.5094] --SniperAndy
  • WAYPOINT DISEMBARK : all kinds of DISEMBARK waypoints doesn't works properly with boats. Try to place that kind of WP on a beach, will make boat's driver stopping 50 meters away from the coast, then units will swim to the WP, but will lose their weapons because too far away from earth. (v1.01.5094 GER) --Giova
  • Drawline, DrawRectangle, DrawIcon, etc. commands do not work (v1.01.5094) Korax 00:59, 15 December 2006 (CET)
  • "addAction" pointing to a non-existing script (as 2nd parameter), will crash ArmA (e.g. test=flagpole_01 addAction["mark territory", "i_do_not_exist"] crashes, if there is no file "i_do_not_exist") - Weasel75 11:39, 12 December 2006 (CET)
  • Attempts to execute a nonexisting FSM crashes. [1.01.5094] --Salisan 13:27, 12 December 2006 (CET)
  • 'LimitSpeed' Command does not work. [1.01.5094] --RyanKaplan 13 December 2006


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