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Islands should be correctly known as terrains, since not all terrain has to be surrounded by sea, and one terrain may contain many islands. Islands/terrains are used in a similar manner to the way "maps" are used in traditional games, although in ArmA they are much larger. Any number of missions may be set on a single terrain, but a single mission may only use one terrain. Terrains can vary in size from a few hundred square meters up to several hundred square kilometers. The entire terrain is available to the game engine during a mission, although missions can be restricted to a specific area. Units and additional objects are defined by the mission allowing different missions to use the same locations in vastly different ways. For example, in one mission a city could be full of civilian life, while in another it could be a fortified enemy stronghold.

Official BI Terrains

United Sahrani and Porto are available only in Queen's Gambit expansion.

Community Created Terrains

Community created terrains can be found for example on community site.