Arma 3 Modding Updates

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This article has been submitted for deletion. The reason given was: Outdated, too much work to bring up to date.

Mission Design

Date (YYYY/MM/DD) Feature Preview
2013/10/22 Event Scripts described, including Arma 3 specific initServer.sqf, initPlayerServer.sqf and initPlayerLocal.sqf.
2013/07/29 Respawn loadouts visible in MenuInventory template are no longer based on show entry in Description.ext. Instead, they are managed using BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory and BIS_fnc_removeRespawnInventory functions.

Vehicle Respawn Module


Respawn Position Module

A3 moduleRespawnPosition.png

Sector Module

A general module for handling contested zones was added. Useful especially for Sector Control, Defend or Seize missions.

A3 moduleSector.jpg

Mission Initialization


Multiplayer Game Types

Game types were updated to meet the current standards. New types like RPG or Sandbox are added, while some existing types are changed to be more descriptive.


Module Descriptions

New section describing the module, how to place it, rotate it and synchronize it, added to the editor's "Insert Module" window.

A3 modules info.jpg

In CfgFunctions, forced attribute allowed designer to execute a function on the mission start, before units are initialized. The entry is now renamed to preInit, and new entry postInit provides option to execute the function right after objects were initialized. See Functions Library (Arma 3) for more information.


MenuInventory and MenuPosition Respawn Templates

New templates which brings up a respawn menu are added.

A3 respawnSelectPosition.jpg

Multiplayer Task Modules

Existing task modules are made multiplayer compatible, including JIP and respawn. Apart from adding tasks to units or groups, designer can now chose to add them to a whole side or even to all playable units.


Mission Overview

Overview.html is replaced by Description.ext entries.

A3 missionOverview.jpg

Communication Menu

Menu with available support requests, previously defined only by setting a variable for showCommandingMenu, is now managed by a unified system.

A3 commMenu.jpg

Respawn Templates

Respawn templates are introduced, giving mission designers an ability to use pre-defined functions like showing respawn counter, adjusting countdown to respawn players in wave, etc.


Debug Console

Mission editor receives simple debug console, giving designers ability to quickly debug their projects without need of addons

A3 console mission.jpg

Loading Screens

Visuals of loading screens were completely reworked. Satellite map now takes the most place, while mission image and description is displayed in a dedicated box.

MissionTypes loading.jpg


taskHint is rendered obsolete, with BIS_fnc_showNotification taking its place.

A3 notification.jpg


Debriefing screen visuals were updated and configuration moved from Briefing.html to Description.ext

A3 debriefing.jpg

Spectator Mode

Respawning to seagull was replaced by a simple spectator camera mode.