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Creates a group of animals and handles their basic behavior. Deleting the module will delete animals as well.



Determines the animal spawned by the module.

  1. Sheep
  2. Goats
  3. Poultry
  4. Seagulls
  5. Butterflies


The number of animals spawned. Caution: Too high of a number will overload the engine and possibly cause it to crash, or otherwise run very poorly.

Synching Diagram

AnimalsModuleInfo1.png AnimalsModuleInfo2.png

Module Variables

All variable associated with this module. found with allVariables, accessed using

_module getVariable "variableName";

  1. "BIS_fnc_moduleexecute_activate"
  2. "BIS_fnc_moduleinit_iscuratorplaced"
  3. "BIS_fnc_moduleinit_status"
  4. "count"
  5. "BIS_fnc_initmodules_activate"
  6. "BIS_fnc_initmodules_priroty"
  7. "type"
    • String - Class name of chosen animal. Example: "Sheep_random_F"
  8. "animals"
    • Array - Array of every animal (Object) Spawned by this module. Example: Agent 0x8a3282c0