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1.1.2006 by Smoerble, Jake2kOne, Sir.Nick and a lot others


Bombrats is a group of german players, all 18+ years old, a lot are fathers themselfs.

Play with Bombrats

Everyone is invited to play together with any Bombrats-member any time. No recruiting process, just contact any member, join the Bombrats-Teamspeak-Server and have a nice time.


The Bombrats are always looking for new members, BUT only under strict rules:

  • Keep in mind: real-life is always more important than the Bombrats
  • Members have to be 18 years or older... the older, the better
  • Bombrats do not care about skills.
  • Bombrats care only about teamplay abillities
  • Bombrats meet only to have fun, not to have or make stress

If someone wants to become an official member, this is handled not by a process but just based on the personality of the recruiter. Because of this, players should play some times together with the Bombrats on their Teamspeak-Server and decide before joining, if they like the group or not.


The name Bombrats was chosen as all members are using the message board at [1].

Bombrats do not have a good logo, which is sad but maybe one day this will change.


Some members of the Bombrats Community play games together since 1999/2000. They met each other in the modification Infiltration for the game Unreal Tournament (the first one). To organize a game-server a fun clan named 4ce was founded. This was seperated into 2 different clans where the core members started a community under the tag 599th. After about 2 years the 599th's had about 30 members and decided to join all together the so called fun-clan ICCrew. About a year later again the core members of the Bombrats quit IC again as it became a real clan with strict rules and formed the Bombrats.

Partners & Friends

  • The Bombrats are looking forward to find a lot friends in the ArmA fields.