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Bohemia Interactive has been chosen by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to develop a number of Loadmaster Virtual Reality Simulators (LVRS), combining cutting-edge simulation technology with the latest in Virtual Reality tracking and display systems. Due for completion in November 2006, the VBS LVRS project shall deliver six simulators, each a turnkey solution for helicopter loadmaster training. The LVRS will be available worldwide following delivery of the ADF systems.

LVRS Pictures

The first two loadmaster systems are nearing completion. Pictures of the prototype UH-60 mockup are below. Note that door guns are yet to be fitted. The tracking system is a Polhemus Liberty, and the head mounted display is an eMagin z800. In the final version all cables will come down from the roof. Up to 3 load masters can operate within the one mockup (each is tracked with 6DOF and linked back to a VBS1 workstation).

Prototype UH-60 mockup
Prototype UH-60 mockup

LVRS Movies

The following two movies show the LVRS instructor station and the new helictoper flight model and rope simulation. It should be noted that the new cargo system will work for any load (including a vehicle with four ropes, for example). These improvements are only available as part of the LVRS and will not be implemented in the standard VBS1 distribution. The improvements won't be implemented in Real Virtuality 2 until the LVRS is updated for VBS2.

High Res (108mb)

Low Res (10.8mb)

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