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Ylands’ player hub. Play minigames, earn XP points and dress up your characters with costumes you unlock. You can find Playlands in the Game section of the main menu as a big button in the center.

Playlands consists of two main areas – the castle courtyard and the fashion room. The courtyard is where you can play minigames and the fashion room is where you can find all the cosmetic rewards you earn through leveling up by playing minigames.


Minigames can be accessed in two ways in the Courtyard. You can activate an automatic queue by walking through the portal in front of the main gate or by pressing F2 at any time, the automatic queue puts you in line to any minigame that’s currently open and searching for players. That’s useful when you don’t want to wait and you have no specific minigame in mind. The second option is to walk up to different NPCs representing minigames and choosing what game you want to start. Starting a specific minigame costs you vouchers that you can purchase with Coyns from the Voucher Vendor NPC.

Playing minigames and finishing daily and monthly quests reward you with XP. If you gather enough XP you reach a new level and every fifth level you gain unlocks new rewards in the fashion room.


Rolling Rocks – Avoid the rocks and stay as high on the slope as possible to collect points

Save the Sheep – Save as much sheep from the Alien attack as you can

Dodge the Bomb – Dodge the spawning bombs for as long as you can, last survivor wins

Horse Racing - be the fastest rider

Floating Flats – Get through this floating obstacle course first to claim victory

Volcano Sacrifice - stay on the crumbling rocks and avoid falling in the lava, the last one standing wins

Forest Friends - save the forest from various dangers and help animals to collect points

Medieval Training Camp - fight your way to victory

Western Shootout - shoot the most targets to win

Count or Fall - solve the puzzle and get to the right platform, last survivor wins

Fashion Room

Different clothing is unlocked by gaining levels. Every five levels get you new options up until level 25.