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Different type of files references


Game directory


Parameter used:


ProcMon used to determine the file access.

Tests done from within a SP mission running a dev console:

call compile "CODE";

File only reference

_handle = [] execVM "test.sqf";

Searches in:

  • .\arma2\missions\CurrentMission.CurrentWorld\test.sqf
  • .\arma2\scripts\test.sqf
  • .\arma2\test.sqf

Subfolder reference

_handle = [] execVM "SubFolder\test.sqf";

Searches in:

  • .\arma2\missions\CurrentMission.CurrentWorld\SubFolder\test.sqf
  • .\arma2\scripts\SubFolder\test.sqf
  • .\arma2\SubFolder\test.sqf

Addon reference

_handle = [] execVM "\SubFolder\test.sqf";

Searches in:

  • .\arma2\SubFolder\test.sqf

Global scripts folder

For non addon references the game also looks for external files in the arma\scripts folder.

In the config space there is path defined that might define the location:

scriptsPath = "ca\data\scripts\";


With -noFilePatching set as game parameter, the game will not look in external folders but only in addons for addon references.

See also:

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