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For the UK Ministry of Defence BIA has developed JCOVE Light, which is available for free from UK-MOD recruitment offices, or via download from different Internet sources.

JCOVE Light is a stripped-down version of the full version of VBS2, which is used by the MOD in their JCOVE (Joint Combat Operations Virtual Environment) training environment [1].

The main differences to the full version of VBS2 are the lack of the new offline and real-time mission editor (only the old-style 2D editor is available, which lacks much functionality of the new editor); limited content (units/vehicles/objects/terrains); no After-Action Review (AAR); limited MP player count; no HLA/DIS gateway (ability to connect to other simulators); no ASI (ability to interface with VBS2 using C++); and no expansion/modding capability beyond the creation of user missions.

JCOVE Light comes with a several SP & MP missions (with some training missions closely modeled after real-life qualification requirements), and the following content:

  • 20+ planes, helicopters & UAVs
  • 100+ tanks & static weapons
  • 120+ cars & trucks
  • 200+ units (GB forces & civilians)
  • 800+ buildings & objects
  • two maps, based on real-life locations:
Warminster Land Warfare Centre, UK
As Samawah, Iraq

An unofficial information site (with download links) can be found here:

UK lite.jpg