Virtual Battlespace: Startup Parameters

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In addition to the ArmA: Startup Parameters the following options are available only in VBS, or their function differs in some way from the ArmA option.

These parameters can be configured by creating a new shortcut on your desktop and then adding the appropriate option.

Display Options


Activate the Dx calls and functions to modify the camera and transformation matrix via the plugin system (requires a special feature on the HASP key)


Exports all class definitions and inheritance data present in CfgVehicles, CfgWorlds, CfgAmmo, CfgWeapons, CfgMagazines and CfgNonAIVehicles (V1.30+) as two files (Allconfig.cpp & CfgVehicles.txt) to folder specified in parameter. Or by default to p:\vbs2\Doc\Config if no parameter was used. Note: Drive and folder must already exist.


Keeps simulation running, even when the window loses focus. (useful for MP testing on single machine)


Specifies the maximum FPS the engine will use. (Only network update will be performed in the remaining time.)


Use dedicated physX hardware.


Disables VSYNC when presenting frame buffer to the output (the measured FPS can exceed monitor refresh rate then - usually 60FPS). Suitable mainly for testing purposes.


Suppress error messages below specified level. Can be:

0 = EMNote // may be ignored, marginal impact (maybe slight performance degradation)
1 = EMMissingData // some data are missing with no great impact on gameplay
2 = EMWarning // application is able to continue, but with limited functionality
3 = EMError // application is not able to perform requested task, but is able to continue
4 = EMCritical // application is not able to continue
5 = EMDisableAll // no error level - disable all errors
6 = EMDisableInfo // disable all errors and connection problem icons


Enables two monitor 3D stereo rendering for True 3Di monitor style stereo rendering (left and right eye on independent monitors). Requires two monitors attached to the primary video card and Direct3D multihead support.


-x=Number -y=Number
Resolution width & height (VBS1 only, deprecated in VBS2)



Uses an alternate memory mapper for additional addon capacity. (VBS1 only, deprecated in VBS2)


Will use the windows file caching instead of VBS2 built in one. Useful for developers that restart VBS2 often.
VBS2 does its own caching so when the program is terminated, all cached data is lost and the next start-up takes the same amount of time. Using the -oscache command-line option will call the standard file access functions (simple Win32 ReadFile) and leaves caching on the operating system. This means that cached data can survive VBS2 restarts and subsequent start-ups only take about 12 seconds.

Network Options


Automaticaly starts Network session once all playable slots are full. Also skips the briefing once all players are ready.


Automaticaly assigns free slot to a player in a Network session.


Automaticaly assigns a group to a player in a Network session.


Automaticaly assigns a side to a player in a Network session.


Prevent the engine from using VON.


Selects DirectPlay-mode for server hosting (see also: -dplay). Not available on linux, can not be combined with -sockets.


Name of files to log to, probably only MP server relevant.


Selects sockets-mode for server hosting. Can not be used with -dplay (see also: -sockets).

Special Features


Start AVRS mode (if authorized via HASP key)


Use CNR-Sim in AAR (if authorized via HASP key)


Use LVC Game (if authorized via HASP key)


Start Tactical weapon mode (if authorized via HASP key)