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Introduced with Virtual Battlespace 1 version 2.12

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Introduced in

Virtual Battlespace 1


Disable parts of the AI behaviour to get a better control over the actions of a unit. Disabled can be following sections:
  • "ANIM" - prevents a unit from changing back to the default animation.
  • "AUTOTARGET" - prevent the unit from assigning a target independently and watching unknown objects.
  • "MOVE" - disable the AI's movement.
  • "MOVEFORWARD" - prevents a unit from moving off a position but allows it to react to enemy etc.
  • "TARGET" - stop the unit to watch the assigned target.
This command's effects can be undone by enableAI (VBS1).


unit disableAI section
unit: Object
section: String
Return Value:


Example 1:
soldier1 disableAI "MOVEFORWARD"

Additional Information

See also:
enableAI (VBS1)


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Posted on August 17, 2006 - 08:56
Notes from OFP command description: The "TARGET" section of the AI is likely different than what you would think. Normally, when an AI group is standing still and sees an enemy, the group will break formation and start moving towards the enemy. If you disable the "TARGET" AI, then the AI units will stay where they are at. Even if you disable the "MOVE" AI, the units will still move out to attack the enemy, unless you disable the "TARGET" AI. Disabling both these AI sections is useful when placing units in defensive positions. This way, you can have them stay behind their cover, and not run out into the open. This command has also a bug: after mission save or load the effect will be no longer active and you must set it again. It's also good way to detect number of saves and loads (loads can be recognized using time command).

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