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6thSense.eu Presents: Pack1 v0.2. ArmA v1.08 Compatible. (By Sickboy)

BIS Forums Discussion Thread

This package contains 5 Modules by 6thSense.eu:

  • 6thSense.eu-Misc v0.2 - Contains functions, scripts and settings used by other 6thSense.eu Addons, and More!
  • 6thSense.eu-Blood v0.2 - Enables Unit Dammage (Bleeding etc) and Special Blood Squirt Effects
  • 6thSense.eu-CRDS v0.2 - Enables Unit Dammage (Bleeding etc) and Special Player Hit FX
  • 6thSense.eu-Tracers v0.2 - Enables Tracers for MG's & Vehicle Weapons
  • 6thSense.eu-EditorUpdate v0.5 - Enables otherwise hidden classes inside the editor so you can place them :)

You do not have to use every module. SIX_Misc.pbo is the only one that is required by the other Modules


  • Place the Addon folder: @SIX_Pack1 into your ArmA Installation Folder
  • Place the dta folder into your ArmA Installation Folder, so the contents of the dta folder should be copied to your arma\dta folder
  • Edit your ArmA shortcut to include the mod, add: {{{ -mod=@SIX_Pack1 }}}
    • or if you have multiple mods, per example: {{{ -mod=@ModWar;@MAP_Air;@SIX_Pack1 }}}
  • Place the Demo Missions in your Missions or MPMissions folder and experiment
  • You can remove any Addon from the pack, except SIX_Misc.pbo as it is required for most of the other modules


  • 6thSense.eu Blood, CRDS & Tracers all require 6thSense.eu-Misc
  • You can use 6thSense.eu Misc and the EditorUpdate independently
  • You can choose to use Blood and/or CRDS and/or Tracers. So you can enable Blood and CRDS while Tracers are disabled or visa versa, however you like


  • People who's work was an inspiration to me, aswell as credits for their included code.
  • BIS - Thanks, for their great Game and continued Support! Aswell as thanks to the Mod, Script & Missionmake Community!