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  • Advanced Combat Environment (ACE) is a full conversion modification for Armed Assault. The overarching philosophy of ACE is to provide its users with a combat simulation that is both realistic and enjoyable. Our primary mission is to create a wide variety of real world weapons, vehicles, equipment, and tactics so that those playing the ACE modification will be able to better simulate combined arms combat on a modern battlefield. ACE is designed from the bottom up with the goal of encouraging its users to employ real world tactics and strategy (fighting as a team) in order to accomplish realistic military objectives. We strive to create hyper-realism without losing sight that the mod must be playable by the “advanced” user. Our focus is not only on creating coding and scripting which highlights realism but on creating realistic missions on which one may experience the full spectrum of virtual combat.
  • Advanced Combat Environment (ACE) allows casual to hard-core gamers the opportunity to experience realistic military weapons, equipment, and tactics while still maintaining an environment that is enjoyable to play.
  • Advanced Combat Environment (ACE) provides the most realistic, comprehensive, and tactical first-person military simulation available for the civilian PC market.
  • Advanced Combat Environment (ACE) is a mod in progress for Armed Assault that is being done by the core crew that was responsible for the excellent Wargames League (WGL) mod for Operation Flashpoint (OFP).There are many exciting teamwork- and gameplay-enhancing features planned for ACE; it should be the mod-of-choice for any groups interested in increasing their realism, teamwork, and gameplay at the same time.

Actual status

Public Beta v1.09, developers builds still under extensive testing

Get involved

We are currently looking for skilled:

   * Coder GUI
   * Texture Artists
   * Scripters
   * Modellers
   * Island Makers

New challenges and opportunities lie ahead - share your ideas and take the chance to realize them.

The development of ACE will continue in the future and we are looking for decent and dedicated people!

ACE is based on a strong PvP and Coop Community and is supported by various groups and people. Based on a good internal development surrounding (subversion, ftp, skype, forum) everyone contributes to the development as far as ones own available time, motivation and skills in an organized and coordinated process.

Yet we are not solely looking for core developers - anyone's help is appreciated.

Take the opportunity and join the ranks

Basically it's about you - what can you do / where are you good at / what you like to do. So these are just suggestions - we love to hear your ideas how to contribute!

  • Core development (ArmA editing)
  • Bug finding
  • Feature suggesting - own ideas as well scan other addons / mods
  • Helping with administration of our forum
  • Communications guy - scan ArmA pages / forums / clans to advertise ACE; find complaints about ACE / feedback and make it visible in our Project Tools.
  • Media guy - screens, addworks, promo videos for ACE.
  • Mission guy - make ACE training missions or find some which are worth to convert / adapt.
  • Beta testing guy / crew - test the most recent development version.
    • Especially double check changes and test features implemented, as well as give overall feedback

Leave a message

If you leave a message at our forumswe will get back to you.

ACE Features

Feel free to add information regarding features listed and not listed there, as long as the information is concise and to the point

A full list of features can be found here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ACE_Features

Supplemental Documents

Longer articles that go more into the details of some aspect of ACE.

Guide to Better Marksmanship using ACE



Full Setups These can be used to (re) install the Mod completely. You should only have to download a full mod once, afterwards you can uses the updates.

Updates You can download the updates manually from this page, or you can use the included sixarma-updater.exe (Link is available in the Mod's start menu, and in ArmA\@ACE\Tools).

In case you use the included updater, if it complains about sixarma-updater.exe being in use, please close the black dos window

Standalone Server Updates For server admins who can only access dedicated servers via Remote Access. Instructions: Download server only files to your dedicated server and unzip into your ArmA directory.

Patch 9 Release 1.09

(26/05/2009) - Release Notes & Changelog

Updater - 180MB

Server Only Files - 706MB:

Patch 8 Release 1.08

(18/05/2009) - Release Notes & Changelog

Updater - 393MB

Full Install - 843MB:

Server Only Files -

1.08 Update 706MB:

1.08 Full 1.43GB:

Patch 7 Release 1.07

(20/04/2009) - Release Notes & Changelog

Updater - 370MB

Full Install - 806MB:

Server Only Files -614MB:

Patch 6 Release 1.06

(16/03/2009) - Release Notes & Changelog

Updater(Hotfix) - 72MB

Server Only Files - 113MB:

Patch 5 Release 1.05

(16/03/2009) - Release Notes & Changelog

Updater - 519MB

Full Install - 702MB:

Patch 4 Release 1.04

(16/02/2009) - Release Notes & Changelog

Updater (Hotfix) - 12MB

Server Only Files - 16MB

Patch 3 Release 1.03

(16/02/2009) - Release Notes & Changelog

Updater - 185MB

Patch 2 Release 1.02

(09/02/2009) - Release Notes & Changelog

Updater - 591MB:

Full Install - 702MB:

Patch 1 Release 1.01

(19/01/2009) - Release Notes & Changelog

Updater - 332MB:

Full Install - 648MB:

Public Beta Release 1.00

(24/12/2008) - Release Notes & Changelog


6thSense.eu Battle Center

Dynamic Coop by Sickboy, with DAC (By Silola) http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard311/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=70;t=76693

WarFare Cooperative (WACO)

by Doomguy http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard311/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=81;t=75627


by Xeno http://dev-heaven.net/projects/show/domination

Vehicle DM

by kju http://dev-heaven.net/wiki/ace-ip/Vehicle_DM

Support, bugs and other issues

We would appreciate everyone reporting their issues and problems on our Project Site

Tracking issues is much easier for both Developers and Users this way.

Ticket Reporting

Authorized Users (need an account)

ACE Trouble Ticket Reports (Click "New Issue" in the top)


MOD Cooperation Links

The Team

ACE Lead Staff

  • rocko
  • Sickboy
  • ViperMaul

ACE Developers

  • Aushilfe
  • Inkompetent
  • KingHomer
  • MadDogX
  • q1184
  • PuFu
  • rocko
  • Scubaman3D
  • SerapH
  • Sickboy
  • Squelch
  • teaCup
  • the_f
  • tpM
  • ViperMaul
  • zGuba

ACE Contributors

  • ardvarkdb
  • Dasquade
  • Durg78
  • gTGeneral
  • Headspace
  • Joel
  • jonny
  • kevb0
  • Loyalguard
  • Maddmatt
  • messiah
  • NSXr
  • Pillage
  • ProPilot
  • Rg7621
  • RKSL-Rock
  • RyanKaplan
  • Ryujin
  • Sonsalt
  • Spooner
  • Strango
  • SWAT-guy
  • Terox

Former Team Members

  • Sig
  • Q
  • Phaeden

Thanks guys !

Beta Testers

  • 6thSense.eu Community, GOL Clan, Kellys Heroes, LSD Clan, OFCRA, ShackTactical, Theatre-of-War Tournament, Community, Zeus Community
  • Aussie Dave, mr.g-c

Public Relations Content Providers

  • ArmAVidz

ACE Credits

  • andersson for his magazine replacements.
  • Cameron McDonald for his US 101st Airborne textures
  • DaSquade for 'CAR', 'HuntIR' and 'MRAP' models
  • Ebud for his SF texture (nomex).
  • GMJamez for the ideas in his 'Sight adjustment' script.
  • granQ and Mechastalin for helping fixing the BIS SPG-9 mode
  • Jonny for his MARPAT texture, USMC and Special Forces Units
  • Kary Black (http://www.karyblack.com) for the M32 render shot for the equipment picture
  • Kegetys for his 'Spectating Script', 'cpbo' and 'unRap'.
  • Kenji/RHS for 'T80' models.
  • LeftSkidLow for his 'Helicopter Sounds'.
  • Lethals for his 'Wingtiptrails' and other 'plane FX' scripts.
  • lwlooz (ESP MOD) for his 'IslandMap' and 'RscMapControl' (color) improvement.
  • Mandoble for his 'mando_ejectunit.sqf', 'mando_getpos.sqf', 'mando_my_weapon.sqf', 'OFPEC ILS', 'Mando Missiles suite', 'Mando Javelin'.
  • MapFact and Marco-Polo-IV for Mapfact Air 1.0.
  • Marco-Polo-IV for helping us with some models ;)
  • Mikero for his 'MikeroDosTools' and 'Eliteness'.
  • NonWonderDog for his 'GLTDII Rangefinder', 'ScopeFix' and 'Ballistics'.
  • norrin for his HuntIR script
  • OFPEC and Mandoble for the 'SP fast rope script'.
  • OFPEC for OFPEC Light Bulbs v1.0 by Mandoble, Planck, and Loyalguard.
  • Panda[PL] for his HK416/417 and M14/M21 packs
  • Pingu for the Claymore addon.
  • Rastavovich for steerable chute.
  • Rommel for AI suppression script.
  • ShadowNX/RHS for AK, RPG22, RPG27, VSS, Val, Pecheneg models.
  • Sig[USMC] for texturing of Scuba's original SCARS, Ryujin Strykers and the MRAP. Various minor model adjustments here and there
  • Solus and Killswitch for the 'Extended EventHandlers' system.
  • Solus for 'ACE_EngineStart_FX', 'CAManBase hit', 'several AI values', 'dragging', 'blood', 'animations', 'better head view', some other scripting ideas.
  • Shole for his Extended displayEventhandler for KeyUp and KeyDown.
  • Spooner for his 'Rangefinder'.
  • Timamas for his 'Russian Voices'.
  • Timamas/ORCS for T90 ofp model.
  • Törni for the M60 tank and ZU23 cannon.
  • Lester (Mapfact) for his Advance Transportation System (ATS)
  • SLX for animated BIS vehicles.
  • Fishkopp/Inquisitor for the M1A2 SEP model/textures.
  • Yakavetta/BigDaddy5 for the '31st MEU replacement reticles'.
  • Twinke Masta, Anti-Death, Defeat, Shiban, Bullet_Head, Fub, Kimono, Hav0c, Ettubrutesbro, Millenia, The_AntiPirate, Spydr, Splinter, RobertHammer - for 'RH pistol pack'.
  • Snark, Twninke Masta, Schmung, Stoke, Grizzly, Expert, Thanez, Geno for the MP5 models and textures

Special Thanks

To the USMC-Warriors for being one of the main supporters of ACE, thank you for supplying us with a home!