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Infobox squad AGSF.eSports e.V. (Austrian German Special Forces) is an incorporated society for electronic games with focus on Operation Flashpoint & Armed Assault.

Name, logo and philosophy





The committee contains 8 persons who are yearly elected by all members in the general meeting. Every member is allowed to apply for every position in the committee. The current possessors can be viewed here: Committee

- Chairman and vice chairman

Their terms of reference are to represent the association in public, take care of the members and their needs, establish and foster contacts and do the administrative work.

- Cashier and vice cashier

They take care of all money related things; For example collecting and listing the membership fees and paying the associations monthly bills.

- Secretary and vice secretary

Primary they take care of everything official which is written digitally or to paper; Secondary they assist the chairman in administrative belongings.

- Financial controllers (2x)

Twice a year they review the books and investigate the financial actions taken by the cashier and the vice cashier.






Community & Projects

Partners & Friends