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AGSF.eSports e.V.
Agsf logo 230.png
active: Angie, Belisar, Black@Dragon, C.Lupus.M, CMW, Comanche, Corp, Delta One, DrHonigtau, Easy Trub, Evil, Fola, Freakout, Jutsche, Khaine, MathMagic, Methew201, Neophyte, Nightwish, Prätorianer, Seth, Storm, Timmey, Wolf; inactive: Attack, Baderborn, BTrug, Cokemik, Electrosphere, Kanni, Lestat, Sass, Schmerzbringer, Scorpion, Sidewinder, Sonar; tryouts: Angelus, Drakon, Ghaz, Jeff, Pueppie, TheSilencer
Former members
too many to mention them all
OFP-BL Season 05 Winner

ESL Teamplay Cup Winner

ESL Teamplay Ladder 1st Place

6x 1st, 8x 2nd, 5x 3rd places @ LANs

11.11.2000 by Corp, CodeRed, Killer

AGSF.eSports e.V. (Austrian German Special Forces) is an incorporated society for electronic games with focus on Operation Flashpoint & Armed Assault.

  • Name and clantag

The three founders looked for a name to identify with, and it had to allow a unique clantag. Expressing their desire to act as a skilled team and mentioning their home countries, they founded the Austrian German - Special Forces, short [AGSF]. As the Clan became a registered eSports association, the name was changed to AGSF.eSports e.V., basically to provide for a more professional look. The current clantag is AGSF|Nickname.eSports. The german abbreviation "e.V." means "registered association".

  • Logo

It was a long process till we came upon our actual logo. You can see on the right where we started :)

Beginning of a creative process

Agsf logo 25.png Philosophy

According to the statutes, we focus on providing a platform for successful computer gaming in a well-organised team. However, our most important goal is to establish long term relationships between our members.

Agsf logo 25.png History

  • 2000

- November, 11th: AGSF founded as a clan in a Gamespy lobby.

  • 2001

- First trainpartnership with the USI - Reached 10 members for the first time

  • 2002

- May, 13th: Our "Everon War" trailer was on TV @ NBC "Giga Games" - July, 7th: Enlisted in the OFP-Arena league - August, 4th: Enlisted in the Electronic Sports League - December, 1st: The 1st December incident - December, 29th: New Year's membersmeeting in Berlin

  • 2003

- January, 17th: Sections Evolution and Unreal Tournament opened - February, 7th: Golden Web award archieved - March, 26th: Enlisted in the IXXL league - May, 1st: Partnership with the Wolfsrudel - Real Time Strategy Section opened - October, 1st: Section Americas Army opened

  • 2004

- February, 14th: Section WC3 TFT opened - April, 19th: IG eSports for CCG founded - June, 7th: Section Live for Speed opened - September, 11th: Section Eve online opened - October, 27th: Webpage reached 100.000 unique hits

  • 2005
  • 2006

Agsf logo 25.png Structure


The committee consists of eight persons and is reelected every year by all members during the general meeting. Every member may apply for every position in the committee. Its current members can be viewed here: Committee

  • Chairman and vice chairman

Their task is to represent the association in public, to take care of the members and their needs, to establish and foster contacts to other clans and to do the administrative work.

  • Cashier and vice cashier

They take care of all money related things, e.g. collecting and listing membership fees and paying the association's monthly bills.

  • Secretary and vice secretary

Primary they handle the official correspondence and publish news. Furthermore they assist the chairman in administrative affairs.

  • Financial controllers (2x)

Twice a year they review the books and investigate the financial actions taken by the cashier and the vice cashier.


Armed Assault is our new hope for the next years. With 15+ members from the beginning, we´re in a good position to start. AGSF.arma is open for applies if you are 16 years of age or older.


AGSF.ofp is our most famous section. Temporary with 60 members or more, we never had a lack of players . We have won most leagues and trophys in which we participated. AGSF.ofp is still open for funmatches, although all members have moved to AGSF.arma .


The Battlefield 2 section was founded originally as a temporary solution to get over the time till the release of Armed Assault. Meanwhile it has evolved to a fully functional standalone section which participates with moderate success in several leagues.


This is our "Real Time Strategy" section (RTS) which is currently completely inactive due to its lack of a game worthy to play.

This section contains all players who like to play just for fun and have no semi-professional ambitions. Retired players, who have become good friends to us, also often stay in to keep in touch with us.

Agsf logo 25.png Gameserver

We rent a rootserver from NGZ which has the following specifications:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
  • 2048 MB registered RAM
  • 1GBit Fullduplex Connection
  • Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

This allows us to provide multiple gameservers (listed below) to the community:

  • AGSF Felder der Ehre I Public1st Person Server
  • AGSF Felder der Ehre II Public3rd Person Server
  • AGSF Felder der Ehre III Train/War Server
  • AGSF Felder der Ehre IV PublicMod Server (planned)

Agsf logo 25.png Community & Projects

Community Area @

We maintain an own area at, where we act as community news editors and provide relevant information from and for the community.

Red Planet LAN party

After 5 years of visiting different LAN parties as guests, we decided to arrange our own community LAN party, which was a great community event, and an even greater success for us. Red Planet II will take part with Armed Assault.

Clan Manager Pro

The Clan Manager Pro (CMPro) is a modular PHP and SQL based management system for clans which is freeware. Originally coded by Roland Ernst, we are betatesting and using it for over 3 years now.

Partnership with Project eSports

The project eSports offers services for clans. These services include check-ups of the infrastructure and appropriate enhancements, the establishment of a quality management system and the development of clan-specific software. We act as a betatesting instance for their services.

Agsf logo 25.png Participated Leagues and Tournaments

Agsf logo 25.png Partners & Friends

Agsf logo 25.png Links