ArmA: Armed Assault: Mission Editing

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Introduction to mission editing

The mission files are found in specific folders you will need to learn. Existing mission in .PBO format cannot be edited, only files in .sara and .intro format. However .PBO format can be modified to .sara and .intro formats using certain 3rd-party tools designed to recreate the original editable missions.

Missions will also contain .SQM format files which contain libraries of script functions. Available scripting commands can be found on these pages:

A new user mission can contain the following files:

  • Either a .sara or .intro format file.
  • A Overview.html file which will appear on the notebook before you start a mission for Single player missions.
  • A Briefing.html file displays a synopsis of what to do to complete the mission.
  • A Description.ext file which allows you to define many things in your mission.