ArmA: Armed Assault: Rating Values

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Each hit in a single player game will affect the player's rating. If it goes below -2000, he will be considered an enemy, and be attacked by all units.

The breakdown of rating changes for killing enemy or friedly units are listed below:

Object Enemy Friendly
Urals, UAZ, BRDM2, BMP, HMMVW, LandRover, Stryker, M113, Camel, RHIB 200 -1400
Soldier 200 -1400
Sniper, Especas, Saboteur 500 -3500
Officer, Squad/Team Leader 1000 -3500
M1Abrams, Vulcan, T72, Shilka, Cobra, Black Hawk, Little Bird, Harrier, A10, KA50, Mi17, Su34 1000 -7000
Civilian, Ural Civil, Bus, Tractor, Hilux - -400
Civilian Cars, Motorcycle - 0