ArmA: Armed Assault: Server configuration

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Setting up a server is not easy and is not that abious to to.

Basically, the server configuration consists of four elements:

Example Setups


Let's assume that ArmA is installed to "D:\Arma".

Put your Server Basic Config file to "D:\ArmA\basic.cfg"

Put your Server Config File to "D:\ArmA\server.cfg"

Put your Server Difficulty Settings File to "D:\ArmA\Users\server\server.armaprofile"

Command line / Link target

"D:\ArmA\arma_server.exe [[-cfg]]=basic.cfg [[-config]]=server.cfg [[-profiles]]=D:\ArmA [[-name]]=server [[-mod]]=@mod1;@mod2"


ArmA is installed to "/usr/home/arma-server".

Command line / Link target

"/usr/home/arma-server -name=server -mod=@mod1;@mod2"

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