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'''List of all available patches:''' [[:Category:ArmA: Patches & Updates]]
'''List of all available patches:''' [[:Category:ArmA: Patches & Updates]]
[[Category:ArmA: Patches & Updates|Update Guide]]
{{GameCategory|arma1|Patches & Updates}}

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Do you need help to find the proper update for your game version?

You only need to know which game version you have bought and which update did you install previously. If not sure, reinstall your game and then apply all updates in right order depending on the original game version you have (you can determine your version number from the main menu of ArmA or from Windows desktop):

What version do you have?

Boxed ARMA: GOLD edition or ARMA Online Download (version 1.08)
US version ArmA: Combat Operations by Atari, box and download (Version 1.06)
European boxed DVD ArmA: Armed Assault by 505 Games (Version 1.04)
German, Russian, Czech or Polish Boxed DVD ArmA: Armed Assault or online download v. 1.0, 1.01, 1.02 and 1.04

List of all available patches: ArmA: Patches & Updates