ArmA: Armed Assault: Infantry

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Classname Full Name Screens
SoldierWB Rifleman
SoldierWG Grenadier
SoldierWMedic Medic
SoldierWNOG -
SoldierW -
SoldierWAR -Automatic Rifleman
SoldierWMG Machinegunner
SoldierWAT AT Specialist
SoldierWAA AA Specialist
SoldierWSniper Sniper
SoldierWSaboteur -
SoldierWSaboteurPipe SF Saboteur
SoldierWSaboteurPipe2 SF Saboteur2
SoldierWSaboteurRecon SF Recon
SoldierWSaboteurAssault SF Assault
SoldierWSaboteurMarksman SF Marksman
SoldierWMiner Engineer
SquadLeaderW Squad Leader
TeamLeaderW Team Leader
OfficerW Officer
SoldierWPilot Pilot
SoldierWCrew Crewman
BISCamelPilot Camel Pilot


Classname Full Name Screens
SoldierEB Rifleman
SoldierEG Grenadier
SoldierEMedic Medic
SoldierENOG -
SoldierE -
SoldierEMG Machinegunner
SoldierEAT AT Specialist
SoldierEAA AA Specialist
SoldierEMiner Engineer
SquadLeaderE Squad Leader
TeamLeaderE Team Leader
Officer Officer
SoldierESniper Sniper
SoldierESaboteur -
SoldierESaboteurPipe Especas
SoldierESaboteurBizon Especas Saboteur
SoldierESaboteurMarksman Especas Marksman
SoldierEPilot Pilot
BISCamelPilot2 Camel Pilot
SoldierECrew Crewman


Classname Full Name Screens
SoldierGB Rifleman
SoldierGMedic Medic
SoldierGG Grenadier
SoldierGNOG -
SoldierG -
SoldierGMG Machinegunner
SoldierGAT AT Specialist
SoldierGAA AA Specialist
OfficerG Officer
SquadLeaderG Squad Leader
TeamLeaderG Team Leader
SoldierGCrew Crewman
SoldierGSniper Sniper
SoldierGCommando Royal Commando
SoldierGMarksman Royal Marksman
SoldierGPilot Pilot
SoldierGMiner Engineer
SoldierGGuard Royal Guard
Riboli -


Classname Full Name Screens
Civilian -
Civilian2 Civilian2
Civilian3 Civilian3
Civilian4 Civilian4
Civilian5 Civilian5
Civilian6 Civilian6
Civilian7 Civilian7
Civilian8 Civilian8
Civilian9 Civilian9
Civilian10 Civilian10
Civilian11 Civilian11
Civilian12 Civilian12
Civilian13 Civilian13
Civilian14 Civilian14
Civilian15 Civilian15
Civilian16 Civilian16
Civilian17 Civilian17
Civilian18 Civilian18
Civilian19 Civilian19
Civilian20 Civilian20
Civilian21 Civilian21
SoldierWCaptive Captive
SoldierECaptive Captive
SoldierGCaptive Captive
Civil_Undead_1 -
Civil_Undead_2 -
Civil_Undead_3 -
Civil_Undead_4 -
King -
MarianQuandt Marian Quandt
MarianQuandt02 Marian Quandt
MarianQuandt03 Marian Quandt
MarianQuandt04 Marian Quandt
FieldReporter -
Anchorman -
Anchorman2 -
NorthPrimeMinister -


Classname Full Name
SeaGull -
Hawk -
DragonFly -
Butterfly -
HouseFly -
HoneyBee -
Mosquito -