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ArmA3 Community ARG - 2013

Welcome to the Community ARG-2013 intiated by SarahniRadio and Jerry Hopper.

Stay tuned for the latest updates: ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.BIF

Tom Larkin, one of the Larkin brothers has been digging in his father's past. In a recent attic cleanup Tom found and unsend letter, which he is determined to deliver. Wil Tom find the people who knew his father in his youth? and who is that mysterious girl from the postcard? Follow Tom in his travel to the Aegean where he'll spend his adventurous vacation on Altis and Stratis.

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the beginning

New ArmA 3 ARG started?

Server spotting @ Gamespy

Login at


  • m26.node-42.rv4a3
  • a -> Alpha
  • M 26 -> Mike 26
  • Node 42 -> Hitchhikers guide to Galixy - utimate answer
  • rv4 -> Real Virtual Engine 4
  • a3 -> ArmA3


  • WarGames
  • the ARG is partly based on parts of these story

Limnos Radio Live Stream

story telling




  • Armaverse Timeline
  • RandalHubb92 is located at Mike 26 Bravo
  • Tom Larkin prepare for a trip to Altis, RandalHubb92, Mike 26B
  • Planned construction of Mike26B
  • Mike26B:a Nato radar-post in the Aegean area close to Altis.
  • Morse Code on Limnos Radio: IE AndArtIKO VA Intelligence Is Coming - Be Ready VA". "IE AndArtIKO
    • AndArtIKO is probably the Greek word "αντάρτικο" tranlating to partisan.
    • Resistance in the mountains - Andartiko
    • something about recieving an intelligence from guerillias
    • VA could be related to Virginia - CIA Headquater, in relation to RandalHubb92
  • further encoded messages :
    • EA AndArtIKO 39E Ä46E : 64 24ÄT98TS33M I STAnN By U Or InT L AndE RTIKO Out
    • TA And TRTIKMT 39E Ä46E : 64 24ÄT98T I33MI STAnN By U Or InT L AndE RTIKO Out
    • And TRTIKMT 39E Ä46E : 64 24ÄT98TI33M I STAnN By U Or InT L AndE RTIKO Out
    • AnN TRTIKNT 39 Ä46E : 65 24L E98T I33M I STAnt By U WR InT D AndE RTIKG Out
    • AnN RTIKNT 39 Ä46E : 65 24Ä E98T I33N I STAnt By U WR InT D AndE RTIKO Out
    • AnN TRTIKNT 39 Ä46E : 65 24Ä E98T I33M I STAnt By U WR InT D AndE RTIKO Out
    • EA AnN TRTIKNT 39 Ä46E : 65 24Ä E98T I33M I STAnt By U WR InT D AndE RTIKO Out
    • ndETRTIKZ 39E ··***·***46II764 24+A98633MD Stand By For InT L AndArtIK EMT Out
    • TN TTETNTIKZ 39EÄ46II764 24+A98633MS Stand By For InT L AndArtIKO Out
    • ndArtIKMI 39 Ä46E E764 24ÄT98TS33M I STAnN By For InT L AndE RTIK
  • second encoded message:
    • AndArtIKO 39E Ä46E E764 24ÄT98TS33M Stand By For Intel AndArtIKO Out
    • AndArtIKO 39E Ä46E E764 24ÄT98T I33M Stand By For Intel AndArtIKO Out
    • removing the letters, leads to 39.46764,24.9833google maps
    • southern location at Stratis
  • PurePassion's (BIForum member) location changed several times: Spctrm_tst=1, Rcvr_bndwth_tst=1, X.25=1
  • Tom_Larkin posted a new pic
    • Δαβίδ = David
    • συντριβάνι = fountain
    • David Fountain
    • David Fountain BIS Developer
    • David Fountain is the name of the person he is going to meet - that's a business card.


  • the encioded message implifises that RandalHubb92 tried to bring the guerillias together with the CIA to fight against the IRANs


Greek myth - history


twitter post by RandalHubb92
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  • Location of Mike 26 Alpha/Beta(Bravo?)