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Custom modfolders are folders that can contain theme addons for easy selection, or Data files which change general parameters of the game. If you have OFP:Resistance, your \RES folder is an example of a modfolder.

Some Flashpoint players prefer to put an "@" in front of each modfolder's name, so they then get listed at the beginning of the main Flashpoint folder, and can be easily separated from essential game folders.

To use Modfolders you have to create a shortcut to your OFP executable, and in the path add the following parameter: -Mod=name

"C:\Program Files\Codemasters\OperationFlashpoint\FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE"
   -nomap -nosplash -mod=@Editor,@Winter,@Hyk,@bas

in other words, commarise all the different mods (addons) you want for this session (often only one)

Alternatively, you can use 'OFP Mod Selector', by Operator of Dissidence.

Or you can get Kegety's launcher 'here'

Addon modfolders

One of the most useful things you can do with modfolders is separate out your, by now, humungous and ever increasing addon.pbo's. The days of just placing them in the ~Addons folder are over. No engine can cope with that load.

Simply make a folder tree





mods\anything you like

and selectively use one, or several of them for the mission(s) you want to play.