Arma 2: AI Squad Command

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1. Introduction

This is a guide originally published in the BIS forums in order to reduce the problems caused by its being buried and people having to use search the Author was asked if it could be transferred and adapted for use in the BIS Wiki.


Original text by rotkeps [1]

2. Your Squad

So you have a acquired a group of the blighters. What now? I would begin by accustoming yourself to one of the cleaner facets of ArmA II’s UI. ArmA 2 User Interface

If you have squad members, this should be in the bottom-left of your screen. Those portraits are your window to status of your bit-induced buddies. The colour as well as any icons attached represent each soldiers condition, armaments and what action they’re currently undertaking. You may also notice that each of them is handily numbered, which is used in their selection. This is a pretty straight forward process which can be performed in a number of ways.

Pressing (space-bar) to open the Quick-Command menu will select all of your squad. Selecting individual soldiers can either be done by aiming at them and left clicking whilst in the Quick-Command menu or by pressing the F-key that corresponds to the numbers found on the portrait.

Should you have more than ten members in your squad you will be able to scroll through 'pages' using the F11 and F12 keys, which makes creating sub-groups important. They can be chosen by tapping your way through the appropriate F-keys, but you can create preset groups that can be selected easier. This will be covered later on in the guide.

3. Command Menus

There are several menus that fill with options depending upon what you have selected. They offer a wide range of conditions that allow you to configure how you wish your squad to behave in and out of combat

Each menu is assigned to your number keys ‘1 – 9’. It should be noted that some menus alter depending the type of unit selected as well as based upon the context of what you’re currently aiming at.

The following are covered in this guide:

  • Quick Command (spacebar)
  • Engagement (3)
  • Combat Mode (7)
  • Formation (8)
  • Team Assignment (9)

4. Quick Command

Your bread and butter of the menus on offer. It features a couple of unique options as well as some of the more important ones from within other menus. Most importantly it will by default display a context sensitive option based upon what you’re currently aiming at.

  • Aim at nil

Gives the option to move the selected squad members to that location

  • Aim at own squad member

Gives the option to individually select that squad member

  • Aim at friendly vehicle

Gives the option for selected squad members to either board or disembark from the vehicle

  • Aim at enemy unit

Gives the options to Engage the target (see: 5. Engagement)

You also have the option to order your selected squad members to regroup or stop based upon their current status. Regroup will have them return to formation, whilst stop will have them remain in their current position until ordered to do otherwise. The other options are covered within the other sections of this guide.

5. Engagement Here you get to control how your squad members will behave when in range of or under attack from the enemy.

  • Hold-Fire

Your squad will attack any enemy it deems to be an immediate threat, usually either very close range targets or those that are firing in your direction

  • Open-Fire default

Your squad will attack any enemy it can see and is within range

  • Engage

Your squad will remain in formation whilst in combat, any squad members given specific targets will break that formation to attack

  • Engage at Will

Your squad members will break formation in combat to attack their self acquired targets

  • Disengage default

Your squad will maintain formation under any circumstance