Arma 2: Multiplayer Framework

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Note: this page is a work-in-progress! More info to follow as soon as possible.


  • library of scripts that are performing non-global script commands globally on network
  • using publicVariable + addPublicVariableEventHandler (EH that fires for each publicVariabled variable on all clients - excluding calling client) + direct call on calling client
  • easy use: R-commands match function of single non-global scripting commands
Do not use RE variable in your missions when using MPF.

Remote script execution (RE)

On all clients is public variable eventhandler that executes scripts that corresponds to less-than-100-percent-multiplayer-working script commands. One script for one commands, no string sending that will be compiled and executed for the sake of clarity and easiness of creating MP-friendly commands from the engine MP-unfriendly ones.


  1. Script remExWrite.sqf is called with parameters that says: who executes, upon who, [only where local], which scripted command and parameters for scripted command on target client follow
  2. remExWrite.sqf writes in public variable remExField
  3. Change in remExField triggers execution of eventhandlers on all clients in the network game (initialized in init.sqf), script remExServer.sqf interpretes remExField (remExFP resp.)
  4. (if wanted) remExServer.sqf calls script (given as argument) on client that runs even handler

Note: remote execution executes script also on calling client (if "loc" flag not set or "loc" set and object is local on caller client)



  1. Include functions module in your mission
  2. Wait for global variable "BIS_MPF_InitDone" to be defined (and true)
  3. In scripts or fsms call: _handler = [...] call RE; (syntax - see below; RE stands for remote execution)


_nic = [nil_or_caller, nil_or_target_object,"loc", script_to_execute, par0, par1...] call RE;
_nic = [nil_or_caller, nil_or_target_object,"per", script_to_execute, par0, par1...] call RE;
_nic = [nil_or_caller, nil_or_target_object,"loc" + "per", script_to_execute, par0, par1...] call RE;
  • RE...remote execution (short for remExWrite.sqf)
  • "loc"...arbitrary parameter - executes remote script only on machine where nil_or_target_object is local
  • "per"...arbitrary parameter - executes remote script even on JIP client connectiong *after* this RE call was executed in MP game


Hint on all clients currently connected to the MP game:

_nic = [nil,nil,rHINT,"Enjoy the game."] call RE;

Setting date on all clients - including JIP clients that will join later after:

_nic = [nil,nil,"per",rSETDATE,2008,9,29,11,35] call RE;

Hint on client where object miles is local:

 _nic = [nil,miles,"loc",rHINT,"Miles is local here."] call RE;

Hint on client where number 0 from players group is local. If JIP client connects to this slot, he got also his msg displayed:

 _nic = [nil,(units group player) select 0,"loc" + "per",rHINT,"Hint."] call RE;


  • remExServer
  • remExWrite
  • library - should contain only scripts that mirror 1:1 the function of single non-global script commands
  • custom library - enhanced functionality (eg. new parameters to scripting commands or more scripting commands triggered by one MPF call)