Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead: Version History

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This article details the version history for ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead for updates for ArmA 2 see the ArmA 2: Version History.

Build Numbers

Mapping "commercial" version numbers to build numbers:

Client & Listen Server Builds
Version Build Description
1.51 71083 Retail release
1.52 71612 Sprocket release
1.52 71816 Patch
Windows Dedicated Server Builds
Version Build Description
Linux Dedicated Server Builds
Version Build Description

Version 1.52


  • Fixed: C130 was crashing on takeoff.
  • Fixed: Multiplayer UI - Cannot play after cancel.
  • Improved: Helmet Mounted Display is drawn only for driver.
  • Fixed: AutoSaves in MP.
  • Improved: Show cargo unit name when speking in vehicle.
  • Fixed: Crash with fired event handler.
  • Fixed: Allow soldier to shoot if his target is too close and on higher ground.
  • Improved: VON: speech encoding/decoding - dropout silence is not inserted so often.
  • Improved: Blinking camp fires.
  • Fixed: MP clients crash when they are ordered to turn on their flashlights or lasers.
  • Fixed: Allow zeroing in external camera.


  • "Pathfinder" tuned opfor positions and flow.
  • "Coltan blues" inputting code has been tuned and timer delayed.
  • "Coltan blues" FTL tuning.
  • "From hell" tuned default weapons in MP.
  • "From hell" optimized unit count and positions - improved FPS and playability.
  • "Good morning T-stan" tuned winning conditions and FTL.
  • "Good morning T-stan" convoy skill lowered and composition tweaked to decrease the mission difficulty.
  • "Phoenix Op" optimized and tuned Opfor positions and unit count.
  • "Laser show" fixed crashing chopper.
  • "Press conference" fixed for MP.
  • SP scenarios loading screens changed.
  • SSM several fixes in the simple support module.
  • surrendering fixed in "Pathfinder" and "From hell".
  • Several localization fixes.
  • Deathmatch and teamdeathmatch templates fixed.
  • Several minor fixes of the singleplayer missions.
  • UAV & ULB can now be used with terminal backpack on


  • Fixed: Healing by UH-60M MEV, Stryker MEV and S1203 ambulance.
  • Fixed: Speed indicators in UAZs.
  • Fixed: Missing shadow on V3S (Fuel).
  • Fixed: Optics model of static AT-13 Metis.
  • Fixed: L39 wreck geometry.
  • Fixed: S1203 number plate.
  • New: Microphone volume slider.