Arma 3: Advanced Helicopter Flight Model

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This document relates to Helicopter_Flight_Model_Config_(XML)

Changes introduced by RTD libraries 4.1.1 in Arma3 : Helicopters DLC

1) <Fuselage CoPX= CoPY= CoPZ= changed to forceExertionPnt*=

2) <Engines> maxPower= changed to emergencyPowerHP=

<DriveTrains> torque maximumContinuous= and takeoff= have no use, were removed

3) <ControlSystem> <FCSComponent renamed to <CSComponent

Added new value rotorBrake

4) <Rotors> <ModelConfiguration updateSubstepCount="360" /> were replaced by <ModelConfiguration maxIntegrationStepSizeDeg="1.0" />

new entries

    <Blades rootCutout=
    <InducedVelocity groundEffectFactor= >
    <Blades tipLossFactor=

5) <GroundContacts> removed <GeneralConfiguration gearDragCoefficient= and gearReferenceArea="0"