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Arma 3 logo black.png0.54 Configuration in Take On Helicopters differs, Mission Editor: Debug Console (Take On Helicopters)

Debug Console is an editing tool giving designer ability to check various states and execute custom code on fly.

Debug Console in pause menu
Debug Console in editor


While playing a mission from the editor, the console is immediately available in pause menu.

In editor map screen, you can open in by clicking on "Debug Console" button or using Ctrl+D shortcut.


The console is automatically available in missions running from editor. If mission designer wishes to enable it elsewhere, he can achieve it using following Description.ext param:

enableDebugConsole = 1;


  • 0: Default behavior, available only in editor
  • 1: Available in SP and for hosts / logged in admins
  • 2: available for everyone

Alternatively, you can add "\a3\functions_f\Params\paramDebugConsole.hpp" mission parameter, where server host / admin can set whether he'll allow debug console. The parameter has priority over the description.ext attribute.


  • Expression field
    • Value is saved when console is closed and restored again upon return
    • The expression can be executed by one of the following buttons:
  • 4x Watch field
    • Value is saved when console is closed and restored again upon return
    • When code is taking too long to evaluate (>0.003s), the background turns orange and the value is not saved
  • Buttons (all of the close the pause menu and open some another window)

Profile Saving

The debug console automatically saves each field as you go, Even after game restart. These can also be access using profileNamespace getVariable with the following code:

  • Expression Field

profileNamespace getVariable "rscdebugconsole_expression";

  • 4x Watch Field

profileNamespace getVariable "rscdebugconsole_watch1"; profileNamespace getVariable "rscdebugconsole_watch2"; profileNamespace getVariable "rscdebugconsole_watch3"; profileNamespace getVariable "rscdebugconsole_watch4"; Using the same variables you can also clear or change the fields.

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