Arma 3: Getting Started

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Starting with the game

You bought the game, downloaded it, installed it, configured it via the launcher, started it: now what?
If you are not familiar with the Arma series, a usual recommendation is to access the main menu and select Tutorial, you can find choices such as:


Playing in Single Player

In-game training

  • Play the VR Training missions to understand the principles
  • Play the Showcases to apply these principles in real action
  • Play the Bootcamp campaign
  • Practice weapons and vehicles in the Virtual Arsenal


Playing in Multiplayer

Playing in Multiplayer is way different from Single Player.

An AI can be predicted, its skill altered, its behaviour planned,

whereas an experienced human being will keep you on your toes and make you change tactics… under the threat of imminent death!
  • If you own Arma 3 Apex, play its Multiplayer campaign "Apex Protocol" with experienced friends
  • Hours of practice will help you:
    • Find the kind of game you like, among the various Multiplayer game types
    • Getting different experiences no training can bring (situational awareness, reflexes, specific cases)
  • If possible, try to play on multiple servers with friends or an Arma 3 Unit!

Finding players, communities and help

Official communication channels

  • Arma 3 Official Forum
  • Arma 3 Official Discord
    • #looking_for_game channel if you are looking for players
    • #looking_for_squad channel if you are looking for squads
    • #communities_arma channel if you are looking for communities
    • #singleplayer channel for… Single Player content advices and discussion
    • #scripting channel for help in scripting, as well as Arma 3 Scripting Commands
    • #community_wiki channel where discussions about articles on this wiki happen
    • And for all your other questions, #ask_questions_here is the channel to be!

Common game modes channels

More links