Arma 3: Mission Presentation

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In order to play a scenario from the main menu, player has to go through multiple menus. While in the scenario itself, additional user interface elements are available.

Scenario designers are advised to configure all of them correctly in order to make their scenarios consistent and comfortable for players. It is important to realize your scenario doesn't start when player takes controls, but is presented already in main menu, during loading or when reading the briefing. Every impression counts!

Mission ≙ Scenario



A3 missionOverview.jpg

Loading Screen

A3 loading mission.jpg


A3 Briefing Example.png

Establishing shot

BIS fnc establishingShot.gif



A3 notification.jpg

Communication Menu

A3 commMenu.jpg

Respawn Screen

MP only
A3 respawnSelectPosition.jpg

Spectator Mode

MP only
BIS Arma3 EDEN VirtualSpectator 4.jpg

Closing Shot

A3 closingShot.jpg


A3 debriefing.jpg
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