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*An [[Arma_3_Sound:_ExampleWeaponConfig|example configuration]] for a weapon
*An [[Arma_3_Sound:_ExampleWeaponConfig|example configuration]] for a weapon
*An [[Arma_3_Sound:_SoundControllers|overview on SoundControllers]] which can be used to build [[Simple_Expression|simple expressions]] for volume/frequency calculation.

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The documentation is currently work in progress and some articles may be unfinished or missing completely.

Arma 3's sound system became much more complex with the release of the Eden Update. This wiki page will serve as a hub - linking you to the different elements of the system.

Basic Structure

  • SoundSets are assigned to entities such as weapons in the game. When a game event happens (for example a gun shot or an explosion) the SoundSet gets triggered and you hear a sound.
  • Positional sound using stereo files as sources are not a simple task for game engines, which is why Arma 3 uses it's own 3D Sound Processors.
  • The relationship between game variables and sound values (like the relationship between distance to an object and the volume of the sound the object is emitting) can be pre-defined in cfgSoundCurves for easier use in other configuration files.