Arma 3: Time Trials

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This guide will describe how to design and implement a custom Time Trial Challenge as available in the vanilla game.

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  • Time Trial (TT) - a simple vehicle race against the clock
  • Competitor - the actor running the trial
  • Marshal - the actor observing the trial and providing feedback / guidance
  • Checkpoint (CP) - a navigation point within a course which a competitor must follow in a fixed sequence (1 consecutive CP may be skipped for a time penalty)
    • The first CP is the start.
    • The last CP is the finish.
  • Time - the time from the start it takes to complete a trial (raw)
    • Time penalties are added to arrive at the final time.
    • The fastest / lowest time is the best and wins.
    • There are bronze, silver and gold medal times to beat.
    • There may be one special time to beat (faster than gold).


At time of writing it is not possible to add new Time Trials as independent (Workshop) scenarios; they need to be added as 'mods' with configuration. We do hope to allow this in update 2.02.


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  • Balancing a trial can be quite hard, since there is a broad range of skills in the playerbase.
    • You should set appropriate medal times.
    • It's recommended to start harder / more difficult, rather than too easy. It's better to nerf later than to go the other way (since you cannot easily undo recorded times).
    • Start by simply playtesting the trial a lot and determining your own best medal times (or invite other playtesters and record their runs / times - video recordings can also be helpful for spotting issues).
      • Real balancing typically starts towards the end of development, because even slight changes can affect times a lot, let alone adding / removing CPs.
    • Vanilla trials apply the following abstract goals per medal:
      • Bronze: achievable by doing a clean race (perhaps 1 small collision) but not taking many risks. For a typical user it should take 1-3 attempts.
      • Silver: achievable by doing a clean race and taking some risks (using maximum acceleration and cutting some corners). Might take 2-5 attempts for example.
      • Gold: meant to be hard. This needs to be a perfectly clean race, at full speed and taking risks. It may take more than 5 attempts.
      • Special: designed to be extremely hard. Some may never beat this.