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Basic information

Bohemia Interactive
Arma 3 Official Tools
Part of Arma 3 Tools package on Steam


This is a "one place" for Arma 3 Tools, it can check some points of your installation and run any tools from the suite.
It's also able to detect Mikero's tools and Poseidon Tools and interact with them.


Line call:
Arma3Tools.exe -Steam -hide


Bohemia Interactive End User License Agreement

Additional information

How to use it

Startup parameters

It can take the following parameters (parameters are not case-sensitive):

  • "Arma3Tools.exe -hide": starts Arma3Tools in hidden mode, whatever your settings
  • "Arma3Tools.exe -show": starts Arma3Tools in normal mode, whatever your settings
  • "Arma3Tools.exe -debug": starts Arma3Tools in trivial debug mode (generate a log and display sdtout)
  • "Arma3Tools.exe -steam": start Steam if not running
  • "Arma3Tools.exe -retoreDefault": restore all settings to default
  • CTRL+Q: Quit application
  • CTRL+H: Reduce the application to the notification zone
  • CTRL+E: Display a dialog to edit your Settings.ini file
  • CTRL+S: Show the application main form (must be done from the notification zone)
  • CTRL+L: Open log directory
  • CTRL+D: Debug mode (display stdout and store its content into the log directory)
  • ALT+D: Stop debug mode