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Basic information

Bohemia Interactive
Arma 3 Official Tools
Part of Arma 3 Development branch on Steam


This special executable aims to help community creators in tweaking their addons. It contains various diagnostic tools that display current game state in various conditions.
This exe has multiplayer disabled on purpose. There is no way how to use it in multiplayer as it has been removed completely.


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Bohemia Interactive End User License Agreement

Additional information

How to use it

Simply run the exe as you would use the standard Arma3.exe

There are several diagnostics to be toggled by either using diag_toggle command or setting diag_enable to true, e.g.:

 diag_toggle "Animation"
 "Animation" diag_enable true

List of available diagnostics:

 Animation - displays current animation state, actions being used and target animation states depending on the actions
 AnimSrcTarget - displays all animation sources and their values on model under cursor
 AnimSrcUnit - displays all animation sources and their values for vehicle of player (or his gun in case of soldier)
 EPEVehicle - displays gearbox, friction, thrust, brake and various parameters of PhysX vehicle
 EPEForce - displays PhysX forces applied on the vehicle
 Force - displays some other forces with their names
 HitPoints - displays status of hit points of vehicle of player and vehicle under cursor
 Mines - displays nearby mines, their properties and radius
 Particles - displays what particles are used in scene and their count
 ParticleNames - attaches name to each particle effect used that it may be identified
 Suspension - displays status of suspension for each wheel of PhysX vehicle

There is an additional diagnostic command used to adjust configs on the fly without need of restarting the game:

 diag_mergeConfigFile ["PathToConfigOnDrive"] - merges config file from PathToConfigOnDrive (which must be absolute path to the config including the drive - e.g. O:\Arma3\A3\Stuff_F\config.cpp)

It is possible to change rvmat and textures on the fly while using "local data" - unpacked data in the same structure as the game sees them. You simply need to adjust the rvmat or convert the texture into PAA and it should affect the game as soon as you task back into it. There may be some visual artifacts, it's always worth to give it one more go with packed data.