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A mod is generally a batch of files that constitute a consistent list of additions, but not limited to. A mod can have its very own presentation like shown in the screen below


Your mod is also present in the Expansions menu (next screen) with a larger picture and a long description of its content or context, it's up to you. This also include a link to you website.


Last but not least, is about the editor, you have the possibility to display an icon next to the content your mod adds or alters. In the left screen, the Kart has the icon of the Karts DLC to which it belongs to, then, in the left screen, you can see a map with the logo, but this time, Atlis has also the logo because the mod uses or alters it.

modPresentationeditorList.jpg modPresentationMaps.jpg

How to

file Mod.cpp

This is the definition file, it must be place in the root folder of your mod (Arma 3\Splendid Mod\mod.cpp) and can contain:

/// Name of your mod
name = "Splendid mod";
/// Picture displayed from the Expansions menu
picture = "\Samples_F\Data_01\Images\picture.paa";
/// Display next to the item added by the mod
logoSmall = "\Samples_F\Data_01\Logos\logo_small.paa";
/// Logo displayed in the main menu
logo = "\Samples_F\Data_01\Logos\logo.paa";
/// When the mouse is over, in the main menu
logoOver = "\Samples_F\Data_01\Logos\logoOver.paa";
/// Website URL, that can accessed from the extansion menu
action = "";
/// Tool tip displayed when the mouse is left over, in the main menu
tooltipOwned = "It's yours!";
/// Color used for DLC stripes and backgrounds (RGBA)
dlcColor[] = 
/// Overview text, displayed from the extansion menu
overview = "Unleash your creativity! Here goes the long description of your mod.";
/// Hide the extansion name 
hideName = 0;
/// Hide the extansion menu
hidePicture = 0;


In an addon

Alternate method