Arma 3 Tasks Overhaul

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Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.58


Tasks Overhaul system is actively being developed and is subject to change.

Use at your own risk.

System Overview

Tasks Overhaul is name for project targeting UX and visual improvements to Arma 3 task framework.

The 1st batch of updates was released to development branch on March 2016. It goal is to:

  • update visuals of task markers in both 3D environment and in map
  • improve diary panels UX and visuals
  • improve map & task interaction - direct task assignment/unassignment from map
  • allow simultaneous display of multiple tasks in 3D environment
  • implement 'Shared Objectives' through new generic feature called Custom Data

Current implementation state:

  • Tasks Overhaul system is currently available in the development branch and it is still in development.
  • Engine implantation is almost done, although some aspects and behavior details can change depending on feedback.
  • The core of the data part is done, but there will definitely be changes and tweaks based on internal and external feedback as well as internal tests.
  • Changes to the data part will most likely be visual - color, transparency, scaling, positioning.
  • One of the most noticeable changes will be implementation of the new icon set for task types.
    • Currently all task types use default icon, proper icon set is in production.
    • Expect task types and icons to iterate rapidly.

Feature Breakdown

Bellow you will find brief feature breakdown, that should present you all the core features of Tasks Overhaul.

Task types


3D markers


Task overview


Map markers and tooltip widgets


Task index and description panels


Diary screen




Custom Data and 'Shared Objectives'