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means a heavy impact on performance
means an average impact
means little to no performance impact.
Category Setting CPU GPU RAM VRAM Additional Details


Quality Presets
Choose from one of four quality presets. Preset Custom is automatically set once a setting was adjusted manually.


Window mode
Defines how the window is displayed. Also influences the Render Scale / Resolution setting.
Render scale / Resolution
Define the resolution at which the game scene will be rendered. A reduced resolution will drastically improve performance and a very high loss of image quality. It is recommended to use the default monitor resultion.
FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0
AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution
The thing no one uses since Freesync/G-Sync ;)
FPS limit
Limit your FPS to reduce stuttering and power consumption due to unnecessary high frame rates.
Draw distance
Sets the overall terrain draw distance.
Nearby depth of field


Post-process anti aliasing
Depth of field quality
Ambient occlusion (HBAO)
Ambient occlusion is a rendering method that provides an approximation of how bright light should be at different parts of a visible surface.
Screen space reflecions
Defines how many reflections are shown in the scene and their quality.
Contact shadows


Hardware anti-aliasing
Foliage smoothing
Defines if and what foliage is smoothed. Only available if Hardware anti-aliasing is at least set to low.
Model geometric detail
Sets the overall quality of model geometry.
Object draw distance
Terrain surface detail
Texture detail
Sets the overall texture quality.
Texture filtering
Grass quality
Sets the overall grass quality.
Grass draw distance
Sets the rendering distance of grass.
Shadow quality
Sets the overall shadow quality.
Distant shadows
Rendering distance of shadows.
Render target format
Environment quality