Armed Assault: Mission Making - Getting Started

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Mission making is a ridge of scripting, modeling and something like that. There are all these things completed into ravishing composition.

What we need


Operation Flashpoint become famous and popular for its freedom and reality imagination which gives to all players. We can assume it from Armed Assault too. Don't spoil it! Your missions should be realistic. For example real disembarkments aren't performed only by infantry, always there is any support. Operations are never provided without informations - don't create mission where is player airdroped into enemy teritory with short commands (destroy the base, etc.) and without informations about enemy forces. And when we are speaking about enemy teritory, probably distinctively marked in map, there should be enemy - don't let this place empty. Next, can you explain (eor yourself), why is front right here? Don't place it to incredible places.


Don't restrict player, allow her/him to move all over important parts of island.


Have on mind dabing is only optional part and none is better than awful.