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_this select 0: mode (Scalar)
_this select 0: mode (Scalar)
0: plane/object
0: plane/object
Returns: nothing
Returns: nothing

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	Author: Bravo Zero One development
	- John_Spartan

	Aircrfat carrier arrest/recovery function for USS Freedom aircraft carrier

	Call the function via user-action or script for any compatible fixed wing aircrfat
	[this] spawn bis_fnc_aircraftTailhook;

	- Compatible aircrfat must have an animation for arrest/tail hook selection defined in CfgCehicles and modeled in 3D model (model.cfg)
	- Compatible aircrfat must have a memory point for cable attach position

	example of cfgVehicles subclass definitions;

		tailHook = true;										Allow to land on carrier
		class CarrierOpsCompatability
			ArrestHookAnimationList[] = {"tailhook", "tailhook_door_l", "tailhook_door_r"};		List of animation played to animate tailhook. Defined in model.cfg (type user)
			ArrestHookAnimationStates[] = {0,0.53,1};						Tailhook animation states when down, hooked, up.
			ArrestHookMemoryPoint = "pos_tailhook";							TailHook memory point in plane model.p3d
			ArrestMaxAllowedSpeed = 275;								Max speed km/h allowed for successful landing
			ArrestSlowDownStep = 0.8;								Simulation step for calcualting how smooth plane will be slowed down.
			ArrestVelocityReduction = -12;								Speed reduced per simulation step


		_this select 0: mode (Scalar)
		0: plane/object

	Returns: nothing
	Result: Aircrfat after touch down on carrier deck will be dynamicly slowed down. If speed willbe above 275 km/h (suggested and configured on vanilla assets) wire snap will be simulated.
		Aircrfat will come to full stop in 155-175 m


#define EXIT_CODE		{_plane animate [_x,_planeHookUpAnimState];} forEach _planeHookAnimList;_plane SetUserMFDvalue [0,0];

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Aircraft Carrier


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