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|x1= <code>[<nowiki>[</nowiki>[[configFile]] >> "cfgWeapons"] call [[BIS_fnc_returnChildren]], ["maxRange","reloadTime"]] call [[BIS_fnc_configExtremes]];</code>
|x1= <code>[<nowiki>[</nowiki>[[configFile]] >> "cfgWeapons"] call [[BIS_fnc_returnChildren]], ["maxRange","reloadTime"]] call [[BIS_fnc_configExtremes]];</code>

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Scan config paths and return min and max values for each property.
Can be used only for properties of type Number and Array (value is considered to be the geometric mean of all numbers in the array).


[paths, properties, (propertyTypes, propertyDefaults)] call BIS_fnc_configExtremes
paths: Array of Configs - paths to be scanned.
properties: Array of Strings - class names of properties to be evaluated.
propertyTypes (Optional): Array of Booleans - whether the property at the respective index should be evaluated and returned as a logarithmic number. Default: false
propertyDefaults (Optional): Array of Numbers - value to be used in cases where the property at the respective index is not defined. Default: 0
Return Value:
Array - [minValues, maxValues] where minValues and maxValues are arrays respective to the properties array.


Example 1:
[[configFile >> "cfgWeapons"] call BIS_fnc_returnChildren, ["maxRange","reloadTime"]] call BIS_fnc_configExtremes;

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