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[[Category:Function Group: Destroyer|{{uc:Destroyer01Init}}]]
[[Category:Function Group: Destroyer|{{uc:Destroyer01Init}}]]
[[Category:{{Name|arma3}}: Functions|{{uc:Destroyer01Init}}]]
[[Category:Placeholder function]]

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	Author: Bravo Zero One development
	- John_Spartan

	- This is a main function designed to assemble dynamic ship (multi-part structure). Ship consists of multiple sub-objects that are linked together based on precise memory point positions in 3D space.

	- Call from EH on the main ship's base model (blank model with memory points and reference config).

		class Eventhandlers
			init = "_this call bis_fnc_Destroyer01Init";								//main init fnc, will assemble ship in game
			AttributesChanged3DEN = "_this call bis_fnc_Destroyer01EdenInit";			//function to update objects position in EDEN editor if attributes changed by player
			Dragged3DEN = "_this call bis_fnc_Destroyer01PosUpdate";					//function to update objects position in EDEN editor if attributes changed by player
			RegisteredToWorld3DEN = "_this call bis_fnc_Destroyer01EdenInit";			//initial EDEN init fnc (main init is still called)
			UnregisteredFromWorld3DEN = "_this call bis_fnc_Destroyer01EdenDelete";		//function  to delete all ship objects in EDEN editor

	- Compatible object (carrier/ship) must have a base model with reference memory points and set of parts defined as separate objects in cfgVehicles config with their own models.
	Main ship base must have a definition of all listed sub parts and memory point position to reference it's placement in 3D space.

		Example in cfgVehicles class for ship base
		multiStructureParts[] = {


		_this select 0: mode (Scalar)
		0: ship Base/object

		and parameters from config

	Returns: exposes and array of objects (ship parts) to other scripts for easy access as variable in it's own object name-space.
	Result: Destroyer (ship) is assembled

Placeholder description extracted from the function header by BIS_fnc_exportFunctionsToWiki


[] call BIS_fnc_Destroyer01Init
parameter: Datatype - (Optional, default defValue) description
Return Value:
Datatype - description


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