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Draws a static arrow (outline or color filled) on map. See Example 4 for arrow removal.
Note that the order in which arrows are added to map is reversed, the last added arrow will appear under the first added arrow
Map and Markers


[from, to, color, pars, fill, map] call BIS_fnc_drawArrow
from: Array - arrow start position in format [x,y] or [x,y,z]
to: Array - arrow end position in format [x,y] or [x,y,z]
color: Array format Color (RGBA) - (Optional, default [1,1,1,1]) arrow line or fill color
pars: Array - (Optional) arrow geometry details in format [arrowThickness, arrowHeadLengthCoef, arrowHeadWidthCoef], where:
  • arrowThickness: Number - (Optional, default 10) arrow thickness in meters
  • arrowHeadLengthCoef: Number - (Optional, default 1/3) arrow head length compared to the total length of the arrow
  • arrowHeadWidthCoef: Number - (Optional, default 2) arrow head width compared to the arrow thickness
  • Arma 3 logo black.png1.98 arrowBaseWidthCoef: Number - (Optional, default 1) arrow base width compared to the arrow thickness
fill: Boolean - (Optional, default true) true to draw color filled arrow, false to draw outline
map: Control - (Optional, default display 12 displayCtrl 51) map control
Return Value:
Array - arrow reference for removal in format [idd, idc, ehId] or empty array [] on removal operation

fnc drawArrow.jpg BIS fnc drawArrow2.jpg


Example 1:
Draw a semi-transparent, blue arrow with default geometry:
myArrow1 = [_pos1, _pos2, [0,0,1,0.5]] call BIS_fnc_drawArrow;
Example 2:
Draw a wide, green arrow outline:
myArrow2 = [_pos1, _pos2, [0,1,0,1], [20], false] call BIS_fnc_drawArrow;
Example 3:
Draw a thin, red arrow with custom head geometry:
myArrow3 = [_pos1, _pos2, [1,0,0,1], [1,1/5,5]] call BIS_fnc_drawArrow;
Example 4:
Remove the arrow created in Example 3:
Example 5:
myArrow1 = [[100,400,0], [200,500,0], [1,0,0,1], [20], true] call BIS_fnc_drawArrow; myArrow2 = [[400,700,0], [300,600,0], [0,1,0,1], [20, 1/3, 2, 2], true] call BIS_fnc_drawArrow; myArrow3 = [[600,700,0], [400,900,0], [0,0,1,1], [20, 1/3, 2, 0.5], true] call BIS_fnc_drawArrow; myArrow4 = [[100,100,0], [200,200,0], [0,0,0,1], [20], false] call BIS_fnc_drawArrow; myArrow5 = [[400,400,0], [300,300,0], [1,1,1,1], [20, 1/3, 2, 2], false] call BIS_fnc_drawArrow; myArrow6 = [[600,400,0], [400,600,0], [0,1,1,1], [20, 1/3, 2, 0.5], false] call BIS_fnc_drawArrow;

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