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Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.001.00Arguments of this scripting function have to be local to the client the function is executed on
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Move given unit to given respawn position. Units moved to height >= 30m will start on parachute. Position [0,0,0] is blacklisted. This function must be executed where unit to be moved is local


[unit, position, canBeDead] call BIS_fnc_moveToRespawnPosition
unit: Object - unit to move
position: Object, Group, String or Array
  • Object or Group - Object or Group to move unit to. Move to the object position or inside an object if the object is a vehicle, or if group or unit is in vehicle and there is an empty seat
  • String - Marker to move unit to. Marker size will be used for random placement area and marker direction for unit direction
  • Array - Precise PositionAGL to move unit to. [x,y] array will be converted to [x,y,0]
canBeDead (Optional): Boolean - Whether or not dead are allowed:
  • true (Default) - Moved unit and/or object to which unit is moved can be dead
  • false - Both moved unit and vehicle or unit at position (if any) must be alive
  • Return Value:
    Boolean - true: move succeeded, false: move failed


    Example 1:
    [player, "SpawnMarker1"] call BIS_fnc_moveToRespawnPosition;

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