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| tkoh |Game name=
|game1= tkoh
|version1= 1.00
|1.00|Game version=
|game2= arma3
|version2= 0.50
|gr1 = Map and Markers |GROUP1=
|gr1= Map and Markers
| Generate a [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Transverse_Mercator_coordinate_system#UTM_zone UTM Zone], Easting and Northing from lat and long fields.
|descr= Generate a {{Link|https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Transverse_Mercator_coordinate_system#UTM_zone|UTM Zone}}, Easting and Northing from lat and long fields.
It uses [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_Datum NAD83 constants]. |Description=
It uses {{Link|https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_Datum|NAD83 constants}}.
| [longitude, latitude'', zone''] call [[BIS_fnc_posDegToUTM]] |Syntax=
|s1= [longitude, latitude'', zone''] call [[BIS_fnc_posDegToUTM]]
|p1= longitude: [[Number]] |Parameter 1=
|p1= longitude: [[Number]]
|p2= latitude: [[Number]] |Parameter 2=
|p2= latitude: [[Number]]
|p3= zone: [[Number]] - (Optional, default {{Inline code|31 + [[floor]] (''longitude'' / 6)}}) |Parameter 3=
|p3= zone: [[Number]] - (Optional, default <sqf inline>31 + floor (_longitude / 6)</sqf>)
| [[Array]] of [[Number|Numbers]] - format [easting, northing, zone] |Return value=
|r1= [[Array]] of [[Number]]s - format [easting, northing, zone]
|x1= <code>_utmZone = [47.63959,-122.127249] [[call]] [[BIS_fnc_posDegToUTM]];</code> |Example 1=
|x1= <sqf>private _utmZone = [47.63959,-122.127249] call BIS_fnc_posDegToUTM;</sqf>
| [[BIS_fnc_posDegToWorld]], [[BIS_fnc_posUTMToDeg]] |See also=
|seealso= [[BIS_fnc_posDegToWorld]] [[BIS_fnc_posUTMToDeg]]
<h3 style="display:none">Bottom Section</h3>
[[Category:{{Name|tkoh}}: Functions|{{uc:posDegtoUTM}}]]
[[Category:{{Name|arma3}}: Functions|{{uc:posDegtoUTM}}]]

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Generate a UTM Zone, Easting and Northing from lat and long fields. It uses NAD83 constants.
Map and Markers


[longitude, latitude, zone] call BIS_fnc_posDegToUTM
longitude: Number
latitude: Number
zone: Number - (Optional, default 31 + floor (_longitude / 6))
Return Value:
Array of Numbers - format [easting, northing, zone]


Example 1:
private _utmZone = [47.63959,-122.127249] call BIS_fnc_posDegToUTM;

Additional Information

See also:
BIS_fnc_posDegToWorld BIS_fnc_posUTMToDeg


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