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{{Function|= Comments
| arma3 |Game name=
|game1= arma3
|1.76|Game version=
|version1= 1.76
<!---|arg= local |Multiplayer Arguments=--->
<!--|exec= server|=-->
<!---|eff= local |Multiplayer Effects=--->
<!--|arg= local-->
| <pre>/*
<!--|eff= local-->
Author: Nelson Duarte <@Nelson_G_Duarte>
|descr= Returns whether given timeline is in loop mode.
Whether given timeline is in loop mode
||s1= [timeline] call [[BIS_fnc_timeline_isLooping]]|=Syntax
_this select 0: Object - The timeline
|p1= timeline: [[Object]] - The timeline object
Bool - True if in loop mode, false if not
*/</pre>{{placeholder}}<!-- Remove this after fill-in --> |Description=
|[] call [[BIS_fnc_timeline_isLooping]]|Syntax=
|r1= [[Boolean]] - Returns [[true]] if looping, otherwise [[false]]
|p1= parameter: Datatype - (Optional, default defValue) description |Parameter 1=
|x1= <code>_isLooping= [timeline] [[call]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_isLooping]];</code>
|Datatype - description|Return value=
|exec= call
|x1= <code></code>|Example 1=
|seealso= [[BIS_fnc_timeline_deleted]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_cleanup]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_finish]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_getAlpha]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_getCurrentTime]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_getInterpMode]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_getLength]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_getPlayFromStart]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_getPlayRate]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_getPlayTime]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_getPosition]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_getSimulatedCurves]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_getStopTime]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_getTimeLeft]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_init]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_isFinished]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_isPaused]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_isPlaying]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_play]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_setInterpMode]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_setLength]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_setLoop]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_setPause]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_setPlayRate]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_setPosition]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_simulateCurves]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_stop]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_tick]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_setReverse]] [[BIS_fnc_timeline_isReverse]]
|exec= call |Execution=
| |See also=

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