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|game1= tkoh
|game1= tkoh
|version1= 1.00
|version1= 1.00
|game2= arma3
|version2= 0.50
|gr1= Waypoints
|gr1= Waypoints
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|p5= positiveCode: [[Code]] - code [[spawn]]ed every time vehicle is inside of limits (default: {})
|p5= positiveCode: [[Code]] - code [[spawn]]ed every time vehicle is inside of limits (default: {})
|r1= [[Nothing]]
|x1= <code>[
|x1= <code>[

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FLY STEADY custom waypoint. Keep helicopter's pitch, bank, relative velocity a relative vector in given limits


arguments: [limitArray, failLimit, failCode, warningCode, positiveCode]
limitArray: Array - in format [deltaVelocity, deltaVector, vector]:
  • deltaVelocity: Number - how much can velocity change (default: 20)
  • deltaVector: Number - how much can vector direction change (default: 1.5)
  • vector: Number - absolute vector limits for pitch and bank in degrees (default: 45)
failLimit: Number - what time in seconds spent outside of limits will lead to fail (default: -1)
failCode: Code - code executed when waypoint fails - time spent outside of limits reached failLimit (default: {})
warningCode: Code - code spawned every time vehicle is outside of limits (default: {})
positiveCode: Code - code spawned every time vehicle is inside of limits (default: {})
Return Value:


Example 1:
[ player, position dude, nil, [15,1.3,30], 10, { hintC "You failed"; }, { hint "Watch out!"; }, { hint "Good"; } ] spawn BIS_fnc_wpSteady;

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