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| 2001
| 2001
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| PC
| PC
| 2002
| 2002

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Template:SideTOC Established in 1999 in Prague, Czech Republic, Bohemia Interactive is an independent game development studio that focuses on developing original state of the art computer entertainment and simulation software including the research of proprietary advanced real time 3D graphics, artificial intelligence and physical simulation technologies for real-time interactive environments. The research and development team of Bohemia Interactive is located at studios in Czech Republic, Netherlands, Thailand and Australia.

In 2001, Bohemia Interactive finished the development of Operation Flashpoint. The debut game by Bohemia Interactive, published by Codemasters, became the No. 1 bestselling PC game around the world with over 1.2 million copies sold since its release, and has won many international accolades including Game Of The Year and Best Action Game rewards. Bohemia Interactive won the Best PC Game Developer Of The Year 2001 award at London’s ECTS exhibition and Rookie Studio of the Year award at GDC 2002.

In December 2001, Bohemia Interactive’s newly formed Australian studio started development of the special military training simulation program Virtual Battlespace 1 (VBS1) in cooperation with U.S. based Coalescent Technologies. VBS1 is already being used as a training tool by the U. S. Marine Corps., U. S. National Guard, Australian Defense Forces and other military organizations. Another military program based on Operation Flashpoint is DARWARS Ambush! and it was created by BBN.

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance was released in 2002 to expand the game and Bohemia Interactive kept releasing official upgrades to Operation Flashpoint until 2005.

Game Platform Release date
Operation Flashpoint / Arma Cold War Assault PC 2001
Operation Flashpoint: Resistance PC 2002
Operation Flashpoint: Elite XBox 2005
Arma PC 2006
Arma 2 PC 2009
Arma 3 PC 2013

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