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The 'Bundeswehr Mod (BWMod) is dedicated to creating accurate addons of the german armed forces (Bundeswehr) for use within Operation Flashpoint: Resistance and Armed Assault.

Since the mods founding in 2001, over 50 addons were released for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. On July, 13th 2006, the BWMod ceased creating addons for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance and is now focusing on Armed Assault.

Our current plans include the creation of a fullmod as well as providing west-german addons for the Germany 1985 project, whereat the team is proud to be a part of.

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance


For a full list of all released addons by the BWMod since 2005 please visit our download section.
Earlier releases may be found at ofp.info.

Attention: Almost all earlier releases (e.g. BWMod v 1.2) are incompatible to the current versions of our addons.


BWMod Tiger
BWMod Marder
BWMod Dingo
BWMod Gepard

Armed Assault


Our current plans for Armed Assault focus on the creation of a fullmod. The first release will feature :

  • a small campaign with around 10-15 missions
  • various single and multiplayer missions including CTI
  • a selection of german troops and vehicles
  • a selection of serbian OPFOR troops and vehicles
  • realistic weapon and unit values
  • a completly new island

We are also working on Germany 85 which will feature earlier Bundeswehr equipment.
For more information on Germany 85, please visit the official Germany 85 homepage.

Story Summary

Balkan Crisis:

In 2009 the U.N. led negotations about the future of the Kosovo are coming to the end. Under strong protest of the serbian delegation it becomes clearer and clearer that the Kosovo will become completely independent from Serbia.

As 3 years earlier Montenegro declared itself independend from Serbia and converged for a membership in the EU, the EU demanded a full demilitarization of the former VS (Serbian Army) troops located in montenegrian territory. To observe and enforce this, the EU deployed the DAOFOR (Disarmament Observation Force) which also included 240 soldiers of the german Bundeswehr. These soldiers were based on the island of Titovo and ordered to observe the withdrawal of a VS brigade.

However things get worse in Serbia and nationalistic groups win several elections in a row. In secret they plan to uprise the serbs all over the balkan. In september 2009 , supported by special forces of the serbian army and paramilitary groups installations in Bosnia , Croatia ,Kosovo and Montenegro are destroyed by local serbian minorities aiming to form a great serbian state. Soon after that the serbian army oppenly supports these groups. Suddenly the german unit faces an enemy which outnumbers them in numbers and equipement and must fight their way out of the hotzone while all over the balkan NATO forces battle with the serbian army.


None yet.


BWMod PzH 2000
BWMod Fuchs TPz
BWMod Maschinengwehr 4 (HK MG43)
BWMod Panzerfaust 3
BWMod Wiesel 2 Ozelot
BWMod Bell UH1d
BWMod Handgranate Splitter DM51

Additional Information


Clausewitz Missions
GalcomT Models, Textures, Configs
Hardrock Models, Textures, Configs, Scripts
Helifreak Models, Textures, Configs
KSK Betatests
Metalchris Models, Textures, Missions
Praetorian Military Advisior, Quality Ensurance
RBVV Models, Textures, Configs
Speedi Models, Textures
Snorri Textures
TeRp Coding, Configs, LODs


We are always looking for skilled:

  • Texture Artists
  • Sound Artists
  • Modellers
  • Animators
  • Mission Makers

For more information, please visit our job section (currently in german only).


Homepage: http://www.bwmod.net
Forums: http://games-force.de/phpBB2/

Germany 1985: http://g85.combataddons.net