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Development setup

This site focuses on getting your work ingame, as well as all aspects of addon,
pbos as a subset, container development.


  • Correct setup to use binarize to track down errors and improve the quality.
  • Best addon design for easy recognition, updating and quality.
  • Dev setup to work with least time and resource effort.

Related topics

Unpacking A1/A2


For non simple addons you have references to BI configs, texture or proxy.
More specially the BI namespace CA.
Binarze is trying to locate these references during the optimization process.
In other words without these files available binarize is unable to do its job properly.

The models reference by other models or wrp files can be both MLOD or ODOL format.


Create P drive

We will create a virtual partition P: to map your arma folder.
This is required by the BI toolset and allows easy access to the arma folder.
It is recommended to create a link on your desktop or quicklaunch bar to P.

As a sidenote, at the same time you should create one central folder with
all your arma related tools in it. Map this one to T.

1. Create a file called mapGameFolderToP.bat. 2. Add the line and adapt the path your arma folder:

subst p: "D:\Games\arma"

3. Move the file to the autostart location. IE (XP32b):

C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserAccount\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Extract files from the PBOs


Addon development

Use namespaces

Develop with unpacked data

Improve your addon with binarize