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For a detailed explanation of what a Regular Expression (Regex) is , please visit {{Wikipedia|Regular_expression|wikipedia}}.
Commands related to [[Arma 3: Regular Expressions|regular expressions]]. {{arma3}} only!
{{Feature|Informative|The following page allows to pre-test regular expressions: {{ExternalLink|link= https://regexr.com/}}}}
[[Category:Command Group: Strings]]
In order to adjust the behaviour of the regex commands, certain flags can be set when using them. Flags are specified at the end of the pattern and start with <tt>/</tt>. Flags need to be lowercase. If there are any non-flag characters in the flags they will be ignored and considered part of the pattern itself.
<code>"I'm a coOkIe clicker" [[regexMatch]] ".*cookie.*/gio"{{cc|Flag g, i and o are set}}</code>
{| class="wikitable"
! Flag !! Description (short) !! Description (detailed)
| g || Global || Only relevant for [[regexReplace]] and [[regexFind]]. Missing global flag sets <tt>format_first_only</tt> flag [https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/regex/match_flag_type (source)] and '''only replaces first occurrence''' with [[regexReplace]] and '''only returns first element''' with [[regexFind]]
| i || Case insensitive || -
| n || noSubs || {{Feature|Quote|When performing matches, all marked sub-expressions (expr) are treated as non-marking sub-expressions (?:expr). No matches are stored in the supplied std::regex_match structure and mark_count() is zero|c++ reference|https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/regex/syntax_option_type}}
| o || Optimize || Optimize pattern, pattern creation is slower, but will execute more efficiently [https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/regex/syntax_option_type (source)]
{{Feature|Informative|If no flags are specified, the default flags are set to <tt>g</tt> and <tt>i</tt>. It is valid to specify <tt>/</tt> to indicate no flags, first match only, case sensitive.}}
[[Category:Command Group: Strings - Regular Expression]]

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Commands related to regular expressions. Arma 3 only!

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